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Emily Doubleday Visual Resume 2014

This is My visual resume of 2014 and I will continue to update it.

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Emily Doubleday Visual Resume 2014

  1. 1. I Am Emily Doubleday! Graphics by Emily Doubleday
  2. 2. My Father was a musician and my Mother was a writer! Photo’s taken by Kim Doubleday
  3. 3. I was born in New York City but later moved to Vermont. ! Photos belong to David Seaver & Roberta Bailey
  4. 4. But when we lived in NYC my parents would always drag me to museums almost every month ! Photo’s taken for
  5. 5. Being raised in art ! is what help me decide that I wanted to become an Artist.!
  6. 6. And since I always loved the idea of creating characters Graphics by Emily Doubleday and stories!
  7. 7. I decided to use my art to entertain people.! "" "" "" "" "" "! Graphics by Emily Doubleday
  8. 8. Video Games! Animations! Comics! Photos belong to IrraConal Games, Disney & Vera Brosgol Such as in… !
  9. 9. So I put myself to work! Photo’s taken by Emily Doubleday
  10. 10. And learned to do a collecCve of things. 3D Modeling!Character Design! Graphics by Emily Doubleday
  11. 11. Action Script! Java Script! Icons taken from W3C Code by Emily Doubleday
  12. 12. Graphic Design! Web Design! Graphics by Emily Doubleday
  13. 13. And I am still willing to learn new stuff!
  14. 14. Emily Doubleday! Digital Artist! !! !