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Restaurant Cr Mv3

  1. 1. Mobile, Social SAAS 1 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace
  2. 2. OK, you need mobile presence! But, Cross-platform solutions are complex and expensive to develop and maintain……… iPhone My Mobile Standalone Solution 2 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace
  3. 3. Solution: Software-as-a-Service infrastructure that delivers content and services to any device and different social networks Solution Provider 1 Standalone Apps App stores Our platform Solution Provider n SMS, Browser, Rich- client based access 3 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace
  4. 4. Our infrastructure can empower businesses with a whole suite of apps – online and offline Business Customer Service Operations Inventory, Logistics Supply Chain ITAnyplace CRM and others… Customer Loyalty Coupons Locations 4 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace
  5. 5. Competitive advantage iPhone Mobile Apps Rich Client, Browser and Standalone SMS  Broadest platform support  Mobile as well as social Social  Quicker development, deployment Apps  SAAS model to keep upfront cost low ITAnyplace Confidential, Proprietary
  6. 6. What can we do for you as a Restaurant • First and Foremost: Provide a Mobile Presence • Can provide the following applications • Operation Management: Ordering, Billing, Reporting, Inventory and Queue Management SMART RESTAURANT • Locations: Based on Zipcode, GPS, City or Airport (with Directions/Map) LOCATIONS • Reservations/Order Placement RESERVE / ORDER • Loyalty Club: Promotions for the frequent LOYALTY CLUB visitors DEAL/SPECIALS • Coupons/Deals: Provide special coupons/deals FEEDBACK • Suggestion Box: Use it to solicit or avenue for collecting feedback 6 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace
  7. 7. Smart Restaurant  This application allows the restaurants to have their waiters take orders from customers on their mobile devices that can in turn be accessed/changed on any other mobile device/laptop. The solution supports the following functionality: – Menu Display – Take Dine-In/Take-Out/Home-Delivery Orders – Update/Search Orders – Bill Display/Print – Settle Payment – Reporting 7 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace
  8. 8. Queue Management  This application allows the restaurant to place their walk-in customers into a queue and text them when their table is ready – User submits his/her name, mobile# at manager’s desk (restaurant) – When the table is ready, the manager sends SMS notification on users mobile no about seat availability. 8 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace
  9. 9. Inventory Management  This application allows the restaurant to manage their inventory and supply-chain 9 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace
  10. 10. Locations  This application allows the restaurant to have consumers pull their locations with a click of a button – It can show the restaurant location on a map – The restaurant contact information and address will be displayed 10 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace
  11. 11. Reservations/Orders  This application allows the customers to make reservations and place To-Go orders through their mobile phones – Users can make reservations for a particular time for certain no. of people – Users can see the Menu and place To-Go orders through their mobile phones 11 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace
  12. 12. Loyalty Club  This application allows the restaurants to launch their loyalty programs – User provides his/her mobile phone number to business to register – On any sale or purchase his/her points are added – Restaurants can use the information to analyze user preferences (data analytics) – Users who are registered with the business under loyalty program will be notified for any new product launch, discounts or any other offer through SMS and email 12 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace
  13. 13. Mobile Coupons  This application allows the restaurants to send mobile coupons to registered users – Special coupons/deals can be sent to the users 13 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace
  14. 14. Suggestion Box (Feedback)  This application allows the restaurants to launch their loyalty programs – Users can send Feedback through their mobile phones (Comments, Pictures etc.). – Restaurant Managers can review them on their phones/laptops – If user submits his/her details then we can store user’s contact information against that suggestion and can send coupons etc. to sender 14 Confidential, Proprietary ITAnyplace