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Giedrius banaitis less_known_ways_to_debug_stuff

  1. Less known ways to debug stuff Giedrius Banaitis
  2. - Logs and traces - Attaching to process - Post mortem debugging
  3. Logs and traces Own logs Event logs IIS logs IntelliTrace PerfMon Process monitor etc.
  4. Process monitor demo
  5. Attaching to process Name Console/GUI Unmanaged code Managed code Kernel debugging Remote debugging cdb Console Yes Limited (sos.dll) No Yes cordbg Console No Yes No Yes dbgclr GUI Limited Yes No No kd Console Yes Limited (sos.dll) Yes Yes mdbg Console/GUI No Yes No No ntsd Console Yes Limited (sos.dll) No Yes Visual Studio GUI Yes Yes No Yes windbg GUI Yes Limited (sos.dll) Yes Yes
  6. Mdbg demo
  7. Post mortem Visual studio WinDbg CLRMD (mdbg)
  8. Extra stuff: Debugging visualizers
  9. Paid stuff OzCode - 70$ personal, 105$ for companies Ncrunch - 159$ personal, 289$ for companies IntelliDebugger - 29$ personal, 49$ for companies .NET reflector – 199$ professional version
  10. Q&A