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Introduzione a Visual Studio Online


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Gian Maria Ricci ci introduce a Visual Studio Online

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Introduzione a Visual Studio Online

  1. 1. DotNetAbruzzo .NET Day #netday15 05 Febbraio 2015
  2. 2. ALM in the cloud
  3. 3. .NET Day #netday15
  4. 4. .NET Day #netday15
  5. 5. .NET Day #netday15
  6. 6. Safety of data DotNetAbruzzo.NET Day #netday15
  7. 7. High availability DotNetAbruzzo.NET Day #netday15
  8. 8. Upgrade DotNetAbruzzo.NET Day #netday15
  9. 9. Operational cost DotNetAbruzzo.NET Day #netday15
  10. 10. Cost is not zero Disaster recovery Keep skills updated Maintenance People training
  11. 11. DotNetAbruzzo.NET Day #netday15
  12. 12. TFS express VS VSO
  13. 13. Plus you get with TFS Service DotNetAbruzzo.NET Day #netday15
  14. 14. Things not in TFS Service DotNetAbruzzo.NET Day #netday15
  15. 15. Best of both DotNetAbruzzo.NET Day #netday15
  16. 16. Reliability DotNetAbruzzo.NET Day #netday15
  17. 17. VSO as a complete ALM Solution Source control Work Item Tracking Build Machine Testing Tools Release Management Application Insights
  18. 18. Be ready to choose