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Structured settlement money pp


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Structured settlement money can be

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Structured settlement money pp

  1. 1. Questions that you may have if you have been awarded a Structured Settlement.
  2. 2. StructuredSettlementQuestionsWhen you learnthat you are goingto receive astructuredsettlement, a lot oftimes you havequestions aboutwhat it really is.
  3. 3. StructuredSettlementQuestionsSo here are some of themore frequently askedquestions, other than themost important, whichis: “How or when do I getmy structuredsettlement money?”
  4. 4. What is the definition of astructured settlement?A structured Periodic Paymentssettlement pays theperson who haswon the settlementover a period oftime, instead of justpaying all at once.
  5. 5. What is the definition of astructured settlement?These payments aresometimes called “periodicpayments.” Often it will becreated through thepurchase of one or moreannuities, which guaranteethe future payments. So,normally you will need toinvestigate, not onlystructured settlements, butannuities as well.
  6. 6. Am I able to put downstructured settlementsas collateral for aloan?Usually, it can’t be listedas collateral, but one waythat it does help is thatyou can list it as a formof income. This can bevery helpful if you aremaking a big purchase,like a house.
  7. 7. Will I receive intereston money I get from astructured settlement?No. The interest isincluded and, is therefore,tax-free.The only way to getadditional interest, is toinvest your payments.Of course, that moneywould be taxable, just likeany other investment.
  8. 8. Will I receive intereston money I get from astructured settlement?Make sure you askquestions if there issomething that youdon’t understand.Be sure that youunderstand everythingand that everything isclear to both you and toyour attorney.
  9. 9. Will I receive intereston money I get from astructured settlement?Once the papers are signed,it’s non negotiable and youhave to be happy with whatyou have been given, so it’sa good idea to be clear on allthe details.Ask all of the questions thatyou want to know, and getall of the facts.
  10. 10. There are ways to “cash” out yoursettlement and get your structuredsettlement money, which we’lldiscuss in a later video. To Learn More, Go To Our Site At: