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Hotel General Managers: Take The Sweat Out Of Sweet Dreams


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Transforming your Hospitality Space into a complete environment that makes sense to guests, housekeeping, and operations

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Hotel General Managers: Take The Sweat Out Of Sweet Dreams

  1. 1. …<br />Hotel General Managers: Take The Sweat Out Of Sweet Dreams<br />Transforming your Hospitality Space into a complete environment that<br />makes sense to guests, housekeeping, and operations<br />
  2. 2. Make Your CFO Happy<br />When space planning, focus on the “finished look” that functions within the overall budget. <br />It will be difficult to hit every price target on every item. Average the costs of your product selections to meet budget. <br />Source/manufacture furnishings product that works within the design scheme. Don’t buy “that bed” just because it has the best price. It needs to fit into the design scheme to avoid future cost. <br />Have flexibility with selections, as there are many furniture, fixture, and equipment (FF&E) product solutions that can work with the help of a qualified sourcing partner.<br />
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  4. 4. Make Your Guests Happy<br />Make FF&E selections work well together. It’s not about the bed, it’s about the good night sleep and peaceful environment. <br />Technology is great, so make it fit the environment. Mounting the flat screen on the wall may create a noise problem next door. Engineer the environment to work for all guests.<br />Are there sufficient electrical outlets to support chargers, laptops, and cell phones?<br />Don’t skimp on quality linens, top-of-bed, and window treatments.<br />
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  6. 6. Make Housekeeping Happy<br />Select FF&E that are easy for housekeeping to maintain.<br />Pick surface finishes that are easy to clean and do not rub through.<br />Use furniture that easily wipes, has little to no carvings, cutouts, or dust catchers.<br />Choose fabrics that can withstand a three-year old for three years.<br />Have mirrors that are accessible to quick cleaning. <br />6) Avoid lamp shades that fall apart or can’t be straightened.<br />
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  8. 8. Make Yourself Happy<br />You will save time and money by coordinating your FF&E sourcing and installation through a professional project manager.<br />Critical timing with product logistics is key to quickly have rooms completed and available for occupancy. <br />Engage a project manager that will follow-up on repairs, <br /> replacements, and corrections.<br />
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