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RealTime - a um clique. A solução permite o monitoramento e comunicação síncronos com tutores, monitores e alunos.

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Real Time

  1. 1. RealTime in Education
  2. 2. RealTime Learning System Learning Management System RealTime Technology
  3. 3. RT Learning Management System RT Learning Management System ciberSTORE
  4. 4. RT Learning Management System - ciberSTORE web-based Learning Management System - ASP.NET and SQL Server solid and proven technologies - Powerful backoffice for complete solution management - Empowers teachers and students to share knowledge - Easily manage courses, classes and content - Credit students for content visualization and participation
  5. 5. RT Learning Management System - Completely flexible and scalable architecture - Freedom to select and distribute content to students on a per-course, per-class or individual basis - Create forms, polls, exams - Analyze results, get reports on students performance in different criteria
  6. 6. RT Learning Management System - Create workflows for exchange of knowledge - Allow students to study at their own pace, or establish metrics to be followed - Evaluate students progress
  7. 7. RT Learning Management System - IIS hosted browser based solution - Touch enabled, HTML5 based dashboard for monitoring - Sharepoint integration for total - Windows 8 startup tiles integration for teachers and students
  8. 8. The RealTime factor !
  9. 9. RealTime Web Based Solution
  10. 10. RealTime Web Based Solution
  11. 11. Delivering Knowledge Tracking Attention Sharing & Coaching Assessing Results
  12. 12. Delivering Knowlege - Teachers can push new content directly to the students browser when additional explanation is requested or deemed necessary - No refresh of the browser needed to see newly added or edited content - Students browsers can be directed to content pages by teachers on a perclass, per-group basis or even individually
  13. 13. Tracking Attention - List students as they enter a learning session, and detect their actions on the browser in real-time - Teachers can monitor the students browser focus status, page area in view, and adjust the pace of the learning session accordingly - Teachers can confirm students system technical specifications, such as browser used and screen resolution, among others. - Students location can be shown on a map - Monitor students indecision actions and provide feedback
  14. 14. Sharing & Coaching - Start text chats on a per-class, per-group basis or even individually, to promote discussions and debate topics - Initiate co-browsing sessions with students, to help them reach important content easier and faster - Use the Shared Drawing Board on a per-class, per-group basis or even individually, to share a vision by drawing together - Allow students to see each other’s status and progress in realtime, and to request or offer help
  15. 15. Assessing Results - Create forms, polls and exam sheets - Initiate evaluation sessions on a per-class, per-group basis or even individually - Detect students browser behavior to establish patterns of reactions - See in real time the responses being given to questions, even before submission, allowing hints or help to be provided - Time all students browser actions during classes and evaluation sessions, to assess the effect on students
  16. 16. RealTime Education Network - Easy and fast exchange of information between students and/or teachers - Encourage collaboration with live chat - Empower personalized coaching with Co-browsing - Strengthen bonds between teachers and students using modern technologies - Monitor the flow of teachers and students in the courses, topics and classrooms - Monitor the status of teachers and students in the courses and classrooms
  17. 17. Teachers - Monitor the status of each student - Monitor the flow of students in the classroom - Push content to students on a per-class, per-group or individually - Peer coaching and mentoring - Engage students in real time - Establish bonds with students in an immediate and social network style
  18. 18. Students - Don’t need to keep refreshing their browser to access new content - Can share their knowledge in real time with teachers and colleagues - Can be helped with text chat or co-browsing sessions - See immediate feedback of their positive actions and successes - Establish bonds in na Educational Network, just like they do on any Social Network
  19. 19. Mais informações: Obrigado!