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How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth


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The presentation describes how and why visual content enjoys primacy in social media and the ways in which brands can integrate such content into their online strategy.

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How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth

  2. 2. Why Visual Content is Preferred overText People process visuals fasterthantext. People retain 80°Io of what they see, only 20°Io of what they read & 10% of what they hear. 90% Of Information Transmitted Larger Images Increased Retail Sites With Video Content To The Brain ls Visual. Sales By 46%. Increased Conversion By 46%. Helps in establishing identity logos, colors, typography, symbols & imagery help identify your brand's values & unique personality.
  3. 3. Visual content is 3 I *7 II I I, fasterthantext. ~«. _.r: 'i{= _.r. , _ ——_-. .: _.. DataVisualizationTools A visual image such as a chart or diagram In fogra p I] cs Add depth 8. value to the information you present is used to represent infomiatian or data. 8. facilitate quick comprehension. Take a complex subject & make it In 2014, 39% of B2B buyers easier to read. digest 8. understand identified that they share infographics on social media frequently. 4 3 A Publishers who use infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who don't
  4. 4. Memes : - A means of expressing humor through the art of parodying ' Riv‘ ii. ) - An easy way to get your message across to your audience ; Memes with GIF images are more likely to become viral on social media sites. I - Free online toolslikc 'Meme Generator’ & ‘Quick Meme‘ are availablefor creating interesting memes 7-Mg. .g_, _a__ Popularity of Visual Media on Various Social Platforms , _, 7:-‘:7’ ' . 5"‘ ‘ " at’-s: g—e, q.; ,_A, if _ i : -—~, S . , _ _ . _ . _ _. as ii, ,. .='‘” as re, __ _ _ _ , it . /- Easy to share videos on other , ’ My I00 hours olvideo are stdi 2nd largest search . “ ‘ “ ' uploaded every minute . engine next to Google ? ,'fle: :sf€‘; ‘;E_°°k . ' ll“-"fl You . . - . _. Mobile makes up almost -— . . ‘ - Uflline streaming on __ g . .1, Processes 3 billion searches __7 m “ mobile devices Ex‘ cJ2?: h°: “m: "I"besg| °ba' 3 permonth Google Hangouts allows you to live-stream video to large audiences. ii‘
  5. 5. p ' " 50 billion Pins have been More than l4 million Great lur SEO. as it creates a collected by people onto articles are pinned I inbouiiil links & drives more than l billion boards each day engagement An average of 70 million 300 million monthly a Over 30 billion photos photos are Shared active users shared to date Boosts your online presence l » The site has over 60 million E Greatly increases your & SEO , fl unique visitors per month & Google visibility 8. more than l5 million uploads. rankings Facebook Facebook's News Feed 87% of the most-shared I increased 3.6x times posts contain photos. year-over-year for video posts. Posts with visuals result in 180% greater engagement
  6. 6. . . image tweets resulted in l5tl% more Twitter published data that shows 35% of mweets.18% more clicks & 89% mm retweets contain photos & 28% contain videos. momes_ BeFunky: PicMonkey & Photovisi: Features like cropping. redeye & Photo editing tools to edit images 8. create blemish fixes. filters. borders & collages a collage Social Image Resizer Tool: Resize images foryoursocial media profiles infogr. am & Piktochart: Makes it easy to create infographics Pinstamatic: Pinterest tool to add website snapshots & Pins of Twitter profiles to Pinterest boards Recite 8. Quozio: Makes images from quotes
  7. 7. 1. Word Swag ) i0S app for quote graphics 3‘ Add stylish text to your images with awesome typography templates 2. lnstatliiote ) iPhone & Android app torquick 8. easy phrasebased images > Create lnstagramready images that can also be easily exported to Facebook. Flickr & Twitter 3. PicSay Pro 2- Android app with a number of traditional photo editing features 3‘ Ability to add styled text 8. word balloons to your pictures 4. VouCam Perfect ) i0S 8. Android app to enhance your selfies > Option to retouch your photos by altering skin tones. correcting tired eyes 8. removing wrinkles 5. | nstaCo| |age 3 i0S 8. Android app to create photo collages quickly ) Features a number of frames. photo effects 8. text addons to customize your photos.
  8. 8. Use eye-catching visual content to link to your blog. , Optimize your designs for all social networks. Keys to Success ’i7 .1 K’: -._: a.~“ Employ hashtags. Use humorous contentto create a lastingimpression. Use uniform design templates.
  9. 9. Soiirce : HubSpj<>tB1ogs = l s~'. e“saa. =.r. Lg; iv. ~.ifa‘r; i{ 3,. lll-‘t| liif| Il: «i' DEivii= iN: i' ? §.T: .r_E_ig W’: 87 M Conceptualized and Designed: V g‘. 1 _. www. dotcominfoway. com