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Google's Pigeon Update and other Algorithm Changes


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This PPT will provide you with the details on major updates launched by Google in recent past.

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Google's Pigeon Update and other Algorithm Changes

  1. 1. ~ (iii III - . i +2 I Iii 5, : i'I* End II . ii I V’ .4 Goog1e's Pigeon Update and other Algorithm Changes CICI www. dotcominfoway. com y I C _ I Q 5 .9‘; ,5 4 ii . _-—. .__Z, ../ ‘ ‘‘ ‘J. ,3 -I: _ , _ ‘v i . ‘ _. ~ mi. er [= ;/ uonorocuiizniru-ins 2‘ J 7 LI _ _ / ~ 6"] *5.‘-‘: .' ' . :.”T‘i‘. ‘no’ _/ I i-“iii 1 I‘: -/ 0 __ ’— Ii i s“ E" 1,; is: , ‘F , -1’. ' ii I‘ / ' I ii i 3,
  2. 2. Google rolls out changes to its algorithms with the primary aim to generate the best and relevant results for a requested query. The following slides elaborate the major updates launched by Google in the recent past. CICI www. dotcominfoway. com
  3. 3. Panda / /i #1 ~: —. x < July, 2014 Pigeon September, 2013 Go gle February, 2011 ”"’ 0 _ ti- ¥ Penguin / " c: _f. .3I“/ A’ ‘.9 X3“ ' ‘:5 ‘<1 1/ ‘.4/-5?’ Humminbird April, 2012 C I www. dotcominfoway. com
  4. 4. __ 3 5 3- Google rolled out the “Pigeon” update on . * aw -. ., -4 .1 with an intention to generate more useful and relevant local search results. :3 The update is not penalty-based and is yet to be applied to all search results across the world. Right now, the algorithm is effective only for US English
  5. 5. ll ll I, ll 3' Pigeon gives priority to local directory sites and listings over local business sites in search results. Sites like Yelp have seen a considerable boost in _f _ ‘ $3 their rankings after Google rolled out this update. * p . ‘ -, r**i . I ‘ ‘A jib There has been a decrease in duplicate results and the search radius in the local search results.
  6. 6. j; f,= :- In Google Places results, queries related to hospitality and food have seen a increase and increase, respectively, whereas jobs and real estate queries have declined by and , respectively. "3? Besides paying attention to the local directories, being active in Google Places is important. It is also necessary to include neighborhood optimized content in your websites. dc: www. dotcominfoway. com
  7. 7. 33- Hummingbird was announced by Google in 213- Google stated that Hummingbird pays more Plummingbir-d September, 2013 while the algorithm was already in effect a month before, in August, 2013. attention to each word in a query, ensuring that the whole query — the whole sentence or conversation or meaning — is taken into account, rather than particular words.
  8. 8. Hummingbird The algorithm is an intent-based update and does not penalize websites. Hummingbird, one of the largest updates by Google to its search engine, had an impact on nearly . x "4: of the search queries. The best way to survive Hummingbird is to incorporate rich and high-quality content that satisfies the customer looking for information. You can include relevant keywords and avoid bad outbound links.
  9. 9. 2;: c:; : Google announced Penguin algorithm in ,1£~‘§V§), 'fl. g.1:x1:: .x that aimed to push down the rankings of websites that violated Go0gle's Webmaster Guidelines by practicing black-hat SEO techniques. . . 7 l I . +<' Penguin affected around 3-. .:r'/ r. of English search queries when it was first rolled out. There have been - J 3 a few updates to Penguin since its launch. 1. — Wc'¢‘ (
  10. 10. The websites affected by the update included those that had employed one or more of the black—hat SEO techniques such as low-quality/ unnatural / spammed back links, duplicate/ irrelevant content, hidden texts and keyword stuffing. A Penguin-affected site can avoid excessive link building, keyword stuffing and duplicate content to recover from penalization. Since the update rolled out, over 1:3-. .1:'/ r. of websites hit by Penguin used Google's Disavow Tool to remove the unnatural links in them.
  11. 11. IIIIPIT: 1.1-_Tl': I [Ell “ .1 l’l1'l" 1.. '- As stated by Google, almost - Google's Panda algorithm was released in to prevent websites with low—quality/ thin/ duplicate content from ranking higher in search engine results while enhancing the visibility of the websites with original and high—quality content. of the search results were affected by Panda. Since its release, there have been so many updates to the algorithm till date. ClC| www. dotcominfoway. com
  12. 12. CIJHIENT IS KING In most cases, Panda algorithm considers the entire site to be of low-quality rather than the individual pages or a specific section of the website. : If a website has a large portion of its total pages with poor—quality/ duplicated/ thin content that are not helpful to the users, Google may penalize the website under Panda. In the recent Panda 4.0 update, rolled out in , popular sites such as “ ” and ” saw a decrease and decrease in their rankings, respectively. {K dci M1/w. dotcominfom/ ay_com
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