What No One Is Telling You About Starting An Online Business


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Here's What No One Is Telling You About Starting An Online Business And The Solution To Making Money With Your Business

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What No One Is Telling You About Starting An Online Business

  1. 1. WHAT NO ONE IS TELLING YOU ABOUT STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS The attraction of starting an online business is enormous. I mean,think of it. The idea that you can have a business that runs even when you are not there and yet make a significant amount of money is tempting and makes the mouth water yet many people rush into starting an online business without getting adequate and proper information of what exactly it is that they are getting into The truth is,just like any other business,you have to have the RIGHT information,connect with the right people and create the right relationships One of the biggest mistakes that I made was starting my business on the wrong foot. Sure,i've gone on to have four figure weeks,but if I had started well,i would have easily made over six figures by now :( Okay,enough rambling and let me tell you graphically,what people are NOT telling you about starting an online business and what you need to know and at the end of this article,you will take action and start a business that will make you A LOT Of money! How would you like to make amounts like this from your business per day?
  2. 2. Click HERE To Find Out HOW I'm Doing It! If For some strange reason you can't click on that link,copy and paste http://workwithpraise.com/toptierbusiness into your browser WHAT NO ONE IS TELLING YOU ONE – MOST LIKELY,NO ONE IS TELLING YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO WORK: The truth is,most folks will rather leave that part of the equation out but if you want to make any significant amount and have a long term business,then you have to work! You will have to learn how to create your own product,how to write a sales letter or do a sales video that people want,how to drive targeted traffic (visitors) to your site and a lot of other factors are involved here Now,let me be clear. There are a few exceptions to this rule You can make it way easier if 1)You become an affiliate or a partner – what this means is that you don't have to create a product or bother with consumer
  3. 3. satisfaction,shipping,responding to customers etc. all you will have to do is to look for a product owner who has an affiliate program and promote his/her product for a commission. For example,if mary has an affiliate program,and she pays a 50% commission on her $50 product,if you make a sale of that product,mary will pay you $25 (50% of $50) 2)You have some money to spend – if you do,there are multiple places you can place ads that will send you instant traffic. That's not work if you ask me :) That said,you want to make sure you have a 'plan of action' before getting started TWO – YOU NEED A MENTOR You need someone who has gone ahead of you and has made mistakes and knows the right and wrong actions to take. You can succeed without a mentor but your road to success will be faster with one LET'S TALK MONEY!
  4. 4. The whole purpose of a business is making money and adding value. So if you're planning on starting an online business,you got to start thinking about how to set up yourself to deliver value to people WHILE at the same time making A LOT of money! NOTE: You want to make sure you focus more on offering value and helping your customers than focusing on making money. The more value you offer,the more money you will make That said,here are 2 components that is a MUST if you will make any money 1) You must have a good product – Think of a low quality product like going to a clothing store and seeing a tux that is torn. You won't be interested in it of course. Same thing online – if you cannot create a product now,simply leverage on the work of others and take someone else's product and promote it for a commission 2) You must have an effective marketing strategy to getting only
  5. 5. interested people to see the product as well as sending follow up mails and phone calls to close the sale – you can't sell a steak to a vegetarian no matter how awesome it is so make sure that only people who are interested in what you sell see your product This is just a basic guide – starting an online business can be a complicated task but it can also be an easy task when you are in the right place at the right time – just like you are now... Instead of struggling and going through a painful experience 'trying' to figure things out yourself on how to build your business online,... you can simply just leverage a 'done for you' system that has over 5 products that you can sell, Personal coaching from a 6 figure coach (remember what I told you about mentoring), A 21 step system to guide you step by step on starting an online business and the things needed and necessary to be successful, a 30 day traffic plan to show you how to get A LOT of interested visitors - credit card in hand - to see your products, a phone sales team to call your prospects on your behalf and make sales on your behalf and a whole lot more... ...Click Here Now To Get Your 'Done For You' System (Again,if you can't click the link above,copy and paste http://workwithpraise.com/toptierbusiness into your browser
  6. 6. What's more? There's also a guarantee – if you don't make AT LEAST $1000 within 30 days of completing this 21 step system,you will get paid $500 from the developers of the system You're ready,you're stoked... And You will Click HERE Now To Learn More