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Where To Buy Quality Traffic Online


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5 Places that you can buy quality traffic to your affiliate offers

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Where To Buy Quality Traffic Online

  1. 1. I’m a BIG Fan of Free traffic (Hey,we all love free stuff) but the downside to free traffic is the fact that at some point you will hit the “ceiling” because free traffic is not scalable For a perfect blend and an extremely good marketing strategy,you should mix both paid and free advertising.(Personally,i use free advertising more but i’m moving more and more into the paid world) Okay with that said,there are LOTS of places that you can use to get traffic to your websites,to your affiliate offers etc.I would NEVER advise you to try to advertise your blog home page – it’s like throwing money away.rather,what you should advertise is a squeeze page (a squeeze page is simply a page that asks for the name and email address of a visitor) or a direct sales page (TIP:You should not send traffic directly to a sales page – send them to your squeeze page.When they opt-in,they become YOURS to promote anything for life even if they don’t buy the product that you are advertising) Okay,so here are 5 places you can buy traffic that will do extremely well for your affiliate marketing business
  2. 2. 1) BuySellAds This is a really cool place where you can buy ads on over 2.9K successful blogs.The first time i tried this thing out,i got a return on investment so i can recommend it.You can buy different type of ads but basically Banner ads (you can also buy paid tweets – these blogs have a HUGE following) To make this work for you,make sure that you have a good banner ad in place.Make sure it is eye catchy and promises a specific thing.If you can create banners,here’s a HUGE tip: Create a banner with a video fake out – they convert like crazy Then go look for a blog that is in your niche,has a good steady stream of visitors and has a pricing that you can afford.Also,make sure to check out the blog page yourself.Then you can go ahead and buy.It will take something like a few hours before your ad starts showing 2) Pulse360 This is just an amazing place to buy traffic from.With a single media buy,you can have your ad showing up on big websites like USAToday! It’s a really big traffic network so they are a little pricey but i think that the price is worth it as you can get a good ROI (Return On Investment)
  3. 3. 3) BlogAds This is quite similar to BuySellAds. You can buy ads on blogs in this network too.They are not as big as Buy Sell Ads though 4)’s Tweet This should not even be listed here but it’s kind of wickedly effective to drive lots of visitors to your website fast.It’s cheap too – $5! There are multiple people who will tweet your message to thousands of their followers in a specific niche for just 5 bucks which is really cool if you ask me.Make sure you do your due diligence before buying though 5) Solo Ad Directory Solo ads work like crazy.Basically, a solo ad is an ad that you send out to another person’s email list for a fee in order to build your own list and make commissions too.Reed Floren compiled a list of solo ad sellers he has tested with the results he has had.Definitely a great place to buy solo ads from! Okay guys,that’s it! There are A LOT more places and i will be sharing them later on but check out this places and use them!
  4. 4. I will also share some awesome free places that you can use too.. In Prosperity, - Praise Odita P.S: Fill in the form below,now,even as you read this,for more traffic getting tips and strategies Read The Full Post Here: