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Patient Engagement – How it improves Your Return on Investment (ROI)


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Patient engagement’ is the latest buzzword in the healthcare IT space. You have many notions about engaging your patients. However, working collectively with your patients not only helps them improve their health but as also helps you to earn quite an increased amount of money. Therefore, it is essential for you to incorporate some of the patient engagement tips into your practice.

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Patient Engagement – How it improves Your Return on Investment (ROI)

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  2. 2. Connect with your patients You, as a practitioner must understand that patients generally engage if they find the organization safe, easy, trustworthy, and satisfactory. You can achieve it only by communicating with your patients in a calm, composed and respectful way CONNECT WITH YOUR PATIENTS
  3. 3. CREATE A PATIENT PORTAL Creating a secure online website gives your patients a 24/7 access from anywhere to personal health information. By integrating these patient portal software's, you can increase the patient engagement
  4. 4. ‘Patient engagement’ is the latest buzzword in the healthcare IT space. Working collectively with your patients not only helps them improve their health but as also helps you to earn quite an increased amount of money. WHAT IS PATIENT ENGAGEMENT Patient Engagement refers to patients being as informed as possible about their options for treatment, medications, recuperation, and all other aspects of the healthcare system supporting them
  5. 5. DEVELOP A CUSTOMIZED ONLINE HEALTHCARE MARKETING The website you choose should be user friendly and should be able to attract visitors. Marketing search engine Content marketing Marketing through email Aim at choosing vendors whose strength lies in their content. Content includes a host of material such as blogs, videos, photos, articles, press releases. The content should be genuine, accurate, and gripping. Marketing through email is not merely bombarding users with promotions. Focus on giving the user what they really need. Send out timelyarticles,newsletters. according to your patient’s medical condition. 5 Branding means, making the people understand about your services the way you want them to. Aim at brand building and use catchy slogans to enhance your recall value. Marketing the brand Inbound marketing Social Media Marketing The best way to promote the practice and gain new patients is social media marketing. This includes different strategies and techniques Inbound marketing includes reaching the target audiences. This outreach is achievable through different means. That includes analyzing the present requirements of the patients and developing different ways to reach them efficiently.
  6. 6. Return on Investment Return on Investment: As you know, ROI if simply put is the payback time! ROI is the amount of money you gain after an investment. The concept of finance is the main concept in every business. Who does not wish to earn a profit after investing a surplus amount of time, energy, hard work and not to mention, the money. Every business is after all an investment, where good revenue is expected and it is the same even for your practice. ROI is the money that you gain after you invest. RETURN ON INVESTMENT:
  7. 7. Measure the ROI It is important to keep a track of your returns from various advertisements and patient engagement campaigns. In this aspect ROI helps you keep track of your intended results. It is not as simple as it appears to measure the ROI. It is difficult to attribute an increase in the ROI to any one single patient engagement methods. However, there are certain parameters, which may assist in measuring the ROI. Some of them are as follows MEASURE THE ROI 7 2014 2015 2016 2017
  8. 8. PARAMETERSFOR MEASURING THE ROI Number of outpatient visits Number of Visitors on the Online Portals Number of outpatient visits: An increase in the number of your outpatient appointments is a way of understanding that there is an increase in the ROI. You need to make a record of all the outpatient visits after the incorporation of patient engagement methods. This will help you to know if there has been any increase in the flow of patients Number of Visitors on the Online Portals: The number of visitors on your website or portals assists in determining how many patients have shown interest out of the clinical set up. Here, it becomes necessary for you to evaluate the count of patients who have visited your clinic/hospital after the rise in the number of visitors. If it indicates an increase in the number of visitors or admissions, it means that there is an increase in the ROI.
  9. 9. IMPROVE YOUR ROI WITH SOME OF THESE TIPS • Analyze the performance • Conduct a survey of the patient’s experiences • Analyze information about patient discharge • Reduce costs and increase revenues 1 2 43 Evaluating the inflow of the patients to your clinic or hospital helps in measuring the performance of your hospital. It can be performed by plotting graphs and comparing past and present data. Customers, or in your case patients, crave for a discount. Discount offers have made their way as a means to increase the revenue since a long time. Therefore, reduction in cost will help in increasing the return. You can reduce the expenses with the help of a better plan of work and management. Make a questionnaire for the patients regarding the medications and guidance. Your communication with the nurses, patients and the management team will help in developing ways to improve ROI. Develop simple easy ways to know the patients discharge using different software. It helps to keep a record of the number patients admitted and discharged. It provides a complete summary of the patient and its quick retrieval on the follow up visits, thereby enhancing the patient experience.
  10. 10. Conclusion: Return of investment is a crucial factor to run a business and your practice is no exception. Therefore, it is utmost important for you to assess your working techniques and adopt measures to improve them. This may produce some extra ordinary results in your practice’s turn out. CONCLUSION: 10
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