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Presentation by a student of The Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television, Department of Interactive Arts for the Dutch Delegation of the Digital Perestroika 2.0 Business Trip organized by Coincide & Marketingfacts. June 16, 2009

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Rusland Interactive Student 6

  2. 2. CINTIS, SPbGUKiT, SAINT‐PETERSBURG, RUSSIA         «CATARSYS» concept document             CATARSYS LAST FACE OF ARMAGEDDON Genre: Tactical action/Interactive Movie It is a story about clash of worlds, about the battle between humankind and something unknown. An alien race attacks a small industrial town. The behavior of the hero, who finds himself in the center of events, depends directly on the actions of the player. Unexplainable weather anomalies, which begin in the town, foreshadow alien intrusion on the Earth. Throughout the game the effect of a subjective camera is used to convey the acuity, intensity and seriousness of what is happening. The running time of the story is 24 hours. At midnight (the end of the game) the ending of the game is generated depending on the actions of the player. The player, doing various actions, doesn’t replay the story, but creates it. The interactive moments are in such a way inserted in the plot, that they are not highlighted. The whole game is to some degree interactive, and that’s why the choice of the concealed points depends on the player’s psychology. The hero’s feelings, behavior and demonstration of his characteristics are in the center of the game. This is a story not about the hero who saves the world, but about a person who tries to save himself and his loved ones under the circumstances, where the chances to survive are next to zero. One of the main tasks is to replace the scripts with mathematical algorithms (except for the storyline). The location and the life that surrounds the player do not depend on his actions. The game can be characterized as a survival simulator, where the player should ask himself: “What would I do if I were the main hero?” It means that the main instrument is logic and psychology of the player, and this is the main criteria for the generation of the story ending. The end of the game and the ways the end is reached are individual and are not initially programmed.