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Senior Project Speech


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Senior Project Speech

  1. 1. Dorris 1Rachel DorrisMs. Tillery16 April 2012AP Lit Senior Project Speech Senior year. The last year of high school. The year most students look forward to withspecial events and activities held just for them. Do you remember why your senior year was sospecial? The dances, field trips, meals, all these things planned out just for you to make your lastyear of public schooling the best it could be. Hi, my name is Rachel Dorris and for my senior project I not only organized the SeniorBreakfast, but I also started the Grizzly Senior Envelope Project which will hopefully become atradition here at Creekview High School. I am an active student here at Creekview lettering intwo varisty sports all four years of high school as well as participating in numerous clubs, beinga member of the Creekview Yearbook Staff, and a recipient of Who’s Who. I guess you couldsay I’m pretty involved. Ever since I was a young girl I have always been very active in schooland I’m a rare student that can honestly say “I enjoy coming to school.” This could be because Iwant to become a third grade teacher after attending college so I am very interested in the schoolevents. I wanted to be able to work with projects that could make the Class of 2012’s year evenbetter! For my project I researched people’s needs of service and exactly why they need to beserved. Various forms of service are seen through everyday events and businesses. Service is apsychological act where it gets into the person’s head that people do care about them to dosomething kind for them. It is both a need and a want. The seniors receiving breakfast and anenvelope filled with positive letters makes them feel different than just being a freshman,
  2. 2. Dorris 2sophomore, or junior. These acts of service make their senior year really stand out to them sincethey will be graduating in May. With my senior project I ended up having two products. My first product which is notcompleted yet would be the Grizzly Envelope. Through this project I have created a flyer askingany family, friends, neighbors, teachers, anyone close to a senior to write them a letter or cardcongratulating them on their graduation and wishing them luck as they venture off to college orsomewhere else. The seniors will receive this navy blue keepsake envelope on the day of thesenior slideshow and it is just something they can look back and treasure forever. I heard aboutthis project when I was asked to write a letter for my cousin who was graduating from MiltonHigh School a couple years ago and I thought this would be such a great tradition to start here.To advertise my project I have sent the senior’s parents a flyer through a mass email, as well ashanding out flyers for the teachers to give to underclassmen, putting this on the morningannouncements and on the school website. I also talked in front of all the seniors in one of ourmeetings in the theatre back in March letting them know about my project. These cards andletters could either be mailed to the school or dropped off in a box I made in the front office. Iwas able to use the Senior Class money to purchase the navy blue envelopes for each senior. Ibought the white labels which I typed every senior’s name onto, at Wal-Mart for around $30. Asof right now I have already spent over ten hours on these envelopes typing out all the senior’snames onto labels, then putting their labels on the envelopes, and then putting their letters inthere as well. My hours for this project will still increase dramatically since the letters are notdue until April 27th. This was one of the few problems I encountered during this section of myproject because since this is a graduation gift to the seniors I am not handing these out until theSenior Slide Show which is on May 22nd. A lot of my time will be spent organizing the letters
  3. 3. Dorris 3into the seniors’ envelopes as well as making sure every senior has at least two letters in theirenvelope. One of those letters will be from Dr. Eddy since I went to him asking if he could writea general letter to all the seniors since he has been with us on this journey all four years atCreekview. If the senior does not receive any letters, which might be a problem I encounter, Iwill have to ask a teacher or friend of theirs to write a letter because I do not want any senior toreceive an empty envelope. Another problem I encountered while starting out this EnvelopeProject idea was the senior teachers said this was not rigorous enough, so I added on the SeniorBreakfast to my project, which would be my second product. The Senior Breakfast was suggested to me by the teachers which was a lot bigger taskthan I expected. This breakfast took a lot of organization and help from others. With the seniorsponsors’ help I was able to know exactly what they wanted. I wrote out an email to send to thesenior parents asking for volunteers to help at the breakfast as well as donate breakfast foods.Luckily, I was able to get more than enough help from parents. With 355 seniors, a lot of food isneeded so we used some of the senior class money to buy chicken biscuits. I also went to thePublix at Freehome asking if they could donate any pastries. The manager informed me that if Icame the hour before they closed, they could give me their close to date expiration pastries. Sothe Sunday and Monday night before the breakfast I made a trip there and was able to getnumerous amounts of donuts, bagels, muffins, and danishes. All the other food such as pancakes,sodas, Starbuck’s coffee, and fruit were donated by parents. Some parents even donated giftcards to places like McDonald’s, the movie theatre, and Target, which I used to give out in araffle during the breakfast. With the parents that volunteered I assigned them to stations such asserving the fruit, being a pancake chef, and re-stocking the pancake station, pastry station, anddrink station. I also was able to use Mrs. Carnes’ utensils and dining ware to put all the food on
  4. 4. Dorris 4and then the cafeteria ladies were nice enough to put all our dishes through the dishwasher for usonce the breakfast was complete. We had more than enough food so I put all the leftovers in theteacher workroom for any of the teachers who missed the breakfast. Luckily with this part of myproject I did not encounter any major problems. My biggest factor I had to work with wasmaking sure I stayed organized because when a parent would volunteer I would have to takecount so I could make sure I had enough of each breakfast item for the breakfast. Throughcontacting parents and updating my lists of food, this breakfast took around nine hours to make ita success. These two projects would have been difficult without the help of Mrs. Deborah Frost. Sheis a teacher at Creekview who has been teaching for over 30 years. She is very well knownhaving received numerous teacher awards, and she was my yearbook teacher my sophomoreyear. Mrs. Frost has made a major impact in my life, and I find myself to be very similar to her,so I thought it would be very easy to work with her. She knows a lot about the senior activitiessince she is one of the senior sponsors. Also, her boys attended Milton High School, so she hasbeen a part of the Envelope Project already. Through this project I have definitely learned a lot about communication. I have learnedthat without communication it is hard to get anywhere. The majority of my senior breakfast wascommunication with teachers and parents. I was constantly emailing parents back and forththanking them for donating food and answering them with what item we needed most that theycould donate. I also learned that I cannot be afraid to ask for help. Without the volunteers itwould have been very hard for me to complete this big task by myself. I feel this will also helpme in the long run since I want to be a teacher and major part of teaching is having tocommunicate with other teachers and students’ parents. I definitely would pursue more in this
  5. 5. Dorris 5topic of event coordinating and serving to others. It is such a good feeling to know a person ishappy from something you have been a part of. From these projects I have learned to manage my time more wisely because I used toalways underestimate how long things would take and now I realize they take a lot longerespecially if you want it to become a success. Although it did take a lot of work and was stressfulI am so glad I was able to hold the senior breakfast as well as start the Grizzly Envelope Projectbecause these are both things the seniors will look back and hopefully remember for a lifetime. I would just like to thank you all so much for your time to come here today and judge.I’m sure you have a busy life outside of this school, so it means a lot for you to come and spendyour own personal time to listen to my project. Does anyone have any questions? [Answer anyquestions the judges might have.]. Thanks again and I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!