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Senior Project Product Work Log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName___Rachel Dorris________________________________ Date ___April 19, 2012_____Product __Senior Breakfast and the Senior Envelope Project___________________________Date/Time: Activity/Commentary: Comments/Suggestions:8/06/11-4:25-4:50pm Activity: think of ideas for my Need to ask Mrs. Frost to be(25 min) senior project; decided on my my project facilitator and get senior project (Grizzly my project approved Envelope Project) and facilitator; wrote down things I would need to do Commentary: Need to ask Mrs. Frost to be my project facilitator and get my project approved8/12/11- 8:10-8:15am Activity: ask Mrs. Frost to be Mrs. Frost suggested writing a(5 min) my project facilitator; letter to the senior parents that discussed how we would go we could send in a mass email about with my project (since postage would be too Commentary: Need to get the expensive). We would also form filled out about Mrs. print out a copy of the letter to Frost and get a picture with give to each senior. her.9/05/11- 1:20-1:55pm Activity: wrote out all the(35 min) information I would need for my Envelope Project; researched the prices of envelopes Commentary: Price of envelopes is very expensive. Going to talk with Mrs. Frost to see if there is a cheaper alternative. Also need to buy labels for the envelopes.9/06/11- 8:05-8:15am Activity: Met to talk about the I can use the Senior Class(10 min) project with Mrs. Frost money to pay for the Commentary:I need to get a envelopes. list of all the seniors enrolled at Creekview.10/20/11- 8:00-8:15am Activity: discuss project with Ms. Tillery suggested I add on(15min) Ms. Tillery; need to have more the Senior Breakfast held in added on to my senior project December since the envelope Commentary: discussed project was not rigorous various things I could do enough.11/01/11- 5:30-6:15pm Activity: write letter to parents(45 min) discussing the envelope
  2. 2. project Commentary:I used the letter Milton HS sends out to their students as a reference; need to have Mrs. Frost revise the letter.11/06/11- 3:30-6:30 Activity: Researched Get Ms. Tillery to revise it(3 hours) information on senior project sometime next week. topics for research paper.11/12/11- 2:15-3:45 Activity: Finished up research (1 hour and 30 min) paper and edited. Commentary: Used Ms. Tillery’s suggestions to make the research paper flow more.11/29/11- 7:45-8:15am Activity: Met with Mrs. Frost Mrs. McCarron suggested I go(30 min) and Mrs. McCarron about my talk to the manager at the projects and discussed how we FreeHome Publix to see if I would plan these can get some donations for the Commentary: Mrs. Frost breakfast. revised the letter for me and Mrs. Frost is going to send out we discussed things to do for an email to all the senior the breakfast and set the date parents asking for donations for that. for the breakfast (food and money).11/29/11- 4:00-4:45pm Activity: Drove and talked to Mrs. Frost said it would be(45 min) a Kroger and Publix manager best if I went both nights to Commentary: Asked the collect food since we are managers if they could donate feeding over 350 seniors. any food for the senior breakfast. The Publix manager said if I came the night before or two nights before the breakfast at closing time I could have any of the extra bakery items they have.11/29/11- 2:30-2:45pm Activity: Went to Walmart to(15 min) look for labels for the envelopes. Commentary:I bought 360 sticker labels to print names on to. We spent $30 on them.12/03/11- 5:45-6:15pm Activity: Emailed parent Mrs. Frost says closer to time(30 min) volunteers back I need to send a reminder out Commentary: Made a to all the parents that have Microsoft Excel sheet to volunteers reminding them organize how much food has where to drop off the food and
  3. 3. been donated and the number such. of volunteers we have for the breakfast.12/04/11- 4:30-6:30pm Activity: Responded to parent(2 hours) emails. Commentary: Have gotten an overwhelmingly amount of parents volunteers and have had to turn some down.12/08/11- 6:45-7:45 Activity: Emailed parents and(1 hour) assigned the parent volunteers jobs for the breakfast. Commentary: Sent out a reminder to all the parents and told them what they would be doing during the breakfast.12/11/11- 2:00-2:25pm Activity: Went to Mrs.(25 min) Carne’s room to collect any dishes, silverware, or griddles that I would need for the breakfast tomorrow. Commentary: Still in need of some griddles but some volunteers said they were bringing some. If we do not have enough, I can go to the Spanish hallway to pick some up.12/11/11- 9:00-9:35pm Activity: Drove to the Publix(35 min) at FreeHome to pick up the extra bakery food they had. Commentary: Receive a big donation and will store it until the breakfast.12/12/11- 9:00-9:45pm Activity: Drove to the Publix(45 min) at FreeHome to pick up more bakery items. Commentary: Just need to get everything organized and the breakfast will be ready for tomorrow!12/13/11- 7:30-10:00am Activity: Set up breakfast with Mrs. Frost was very happy(2 hours and 30 min) the help of my parents. Served with how smooth everything breakfast to all the seniors went!  with the other parent volunteers. Announced the
  4. 4. winners of the raffle drawing. Commentary: Everything went very well. Half way done with the project!12/2/12- 1:00-1:20pm Activity: Create a box for the(20 min) letters to go in. Commentary: Wrapped the box which will be put in the front office for the secretaries to drop in letters that have been mailed to the school; also parents and students can drop them off there.1/27/12- 1:30-2:00pm Activity: Received the senior Mrs. Frost said I should go on(30 min) list of names. the Mugs pages through the Commentary: Corrected some yearbook to find the names of the names (wrote their I’m missing. She also nicknames/what they go by). mentioned asking Dr. Eddy to Need to find out which seniors write all the seniors a letter. I’m missing and the nicknames that I do not know of.2/02/12- 1:35-2:25pm Activity: Went on the Mugs(50 min) Pages of the yearbook. Commentary: Changed the full names to the nick names the seniors go by.2/20/12- 2:40-3:15pm, 3:45- Activity: Create the labels for5:40pm, 8:00-9:25pm the envelopes.(1 hour and 50 min) Commentary: Downloaded the labels template and typed every senior’s name on one as well as made a design on the label with a Creekview Grizzly Bear.3/08/12- 2:00-2:15pm Activity: Asked Dr. Eddy to Mrs. Frost said the envelopes(15 min) write a letter to the seniors and came in today so I will pick give Mrs. Cox the flash drive them up from the work room with the label documents to and bring them home print. tomorrow. Commentary: Dr. Eddy would be glad to write a general letter to the seniors to put in the envelope and Mrs. Cox said the labels would be ready by the end of the day.
  5. 5. 3/09/12- 4:00-4:15pm Activity: Bring envelopes(15 min) home. Commentary: Got some of the track runners to help me bring out all the boxes of envelopes to the car.3/11/12- 1:40-3:40pm Activity: Put all the stickers Mrs. Frost said a mass email(2 hours) on the envelopes. will be sent out on Wednesday Commentary: Envelopes are (3/15) to the senior parents ready to go. Just need to and we will have a meeting spread the word about the with the senior class on the project. following Monday (3/19). I will also spread the word through Facebook and try to get the document on the school website as well as the announcements.3/21/12- 8:35-8:50am Activity: Talked in front of the(15 min) senior class about my envelope project. Mrs. McCarron and Mrs. Frost talked to the seniors about it too. Commentary: We’re going to put the box in the front office and send out the emails and give a copy of my letter to every senior as well as many of the underclassmen at Creekview.3/22/12- 4:20-4:25pm Activity: Had the envelope(5 min) project directions document saved as a picture and uploaded it with a status on to Facebook. Commentary: A couple of Facebook friends shared my status to get the word to their friends as well.4/10/12- 2:00-2:20pm Activity: Collected letters Planning on going on the(20 min) from my box in the front announcements to advertise office and organized them, the envelope project. Also, checking off the seniors who going to send another mass received a letter. email out to the senior parents. Commentary: Still need a lot Also, should make another more letters for all the seniors. Facebook status soon.
  6. 6. Total Time: 22 hours and 40 minutes and counting (still have to organize all the senior letterreceived into the envelopes and distributing them on May 22nd)