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Research Paper


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Published in: Education
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Research Paper

  1. 1. Dorris 1Rachel DorrisMs. TilleryAP Literature18 November 2011 The Need of Service The world would not be anything like it is today without service.To do someone a serviceis the act of performing a helpful activity which one may or may not be rewarded from theirperformance. Service is provided and seen every second of the day, whether it is for a job, for aperson, or for the community. It is seen as a way to provide to others and is seen by completingtasks or offering products for others. Service is not required to survive;howeverits value isdefinitely worth the effort. “Whether you like it or not, there is no way that you are going to besuccessful in any endeavor – business or otherwise – unless you provide a desired service”(Potts). Even with the thousands of various types of service offered, each is acknowledgedof itsimportance to the world’s society daily. Service is completed regularly for individual purposes as well as for others. It could beclassified as an act of kindness but in a more organized form. It can be “taking part in organizedacts of service to others, on your own, or in a group” (“A Million Acts of Service and Kindness -Global Peace Festival”). People volunteer through school clubs, through the community or ontheir own. Many differentservices are provided to people that go unrecognized daily. Forexample walking out to one’s mailbox each day contains mail which is a form of service.Receiving food from restaurant is another form of service. Even though a person has to purchasethe food, there are still people preparing the food in a timely and usually quickly mannerespecially at a fast food restaurant. Community projects like building a house for Habitat for
  2. 2. Dorris 2Humanity and organizing a blood drive at a school are both forms of service. Even cleaning thedishes or making his or her bed both are services provided to the people within one’s own home.Some of these acts of service are completed without thought since they have been around forsuch a long time. By way of example, earliest forms of service were presentedthrough domestic ways.Domestic service was an occupation with duties such as cleaning the house, cooking, gardening,child care, and personal service. Similar tasks were also done in businesses such as boardinghouses and hotels. “In ancient Greece, Rome, and various other early civilizations,domestic service was performed almost exclusively by slaves” (“Domestic Service”). These jobswere not notably prevalent as pay was minimum wage and soon the occupation declinedtremendously. The decline in domestic service is from the cause of the social classes leveling outas well as women receiving better job opportunities. With people finding better alternatives,their new careers became sources of service. Generally every businessprovides a service to one-another.Although domestic servicewas not an up-and-coming career, many world-wide, well-known businesses run off of one word“service”. McDonald’s, for example, worked its way into being the world’s largest fast foodservice organization andhas served more than one-hundred million hamburgers in its fifty yearsof operation. In 1998, thirty-eight million customers were served a day with a chain of 24,500restaurants (Galley and Holcomb).This inexpensiveeatery was transformed into a top servicerestaurant from its friendliness towards the customers and the quick service it provides.Customers are drawn into the fact that they are served decent food in a timely manner and theycan pick a meal or snack up on the go. McDonald’s overflows from success due to its service,but not all companies profit from their services.
  3. 3. Dorris 3 With this intention, one of the first organizations to focus on service was the AmericanRed Cross. All events sponsored through the Red Cross benefit the surrounding people. “Somefour million people give blood - the gift of life – through the Red Cross, making it the largestsupplier of blood and blood products in the United States” (“About Us”). The Red Cross uses allthe donated blood for patients in hospitals that are in need of blood whether it is for a bloodtransfusion or other activity. Many volunteer through the Red Cross program in which they helpwith victims of natural disasters cleaning up the remains or providing the victims with a shelter.One major project of the American Red Cross was when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans,Louisiana where money was needed for hot meals and shelter for the victims as well as financialassistance for the families that lost everything. Any donation the company receives is put into theservices and programs the Red Cross supplies since it is a non-profit organization. Another business that provides service to the people is the United States Postal Service.This company touches people all around the United States connecting them with one another. “Itwas and is a truly nationalizing service, connecting Americans to one another irrespective ofstate lines and geographic distance” (Prince). The United States Postal Service works everydaysending packages and letters of all types on planes, delivery trucks, and cars to get them to theirdestination. Although people must pay for shipping on these items, the postal service aids thecustomer in getting the item where he or she needed it rather than him or her traveling to thedestination to get the job done. The postal service is used not only for businesses but for personaluse as well. Furthermore, another well-known business that provides a major service is Toms. Tomswas a business founded in 2006 which sells clothing, accessories, and most importantly shoes.Toms is a company that matches every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes which
  4. 4. Dorris 4isgiven to a child in need all across the world (“One for One Movement”). Although moreexpensive than a normal shoe, thousands of children benefit from this service. If the world was avillage forty of the one-hundred children would not have shoes (“Tom’s Shoes: The Facts”).Shoes were chosen as an item to donate to children, since many go barefoot each and every dayfrom not being able to afford shoes of their own. A child being able to wear shoes decreases theamount of diseases in the world as well as allows the children to attend school. Although Tomsfocuses on the younger generation of people, there are many organizations and companies thatfocus on the adults as well. Moreover, service is welcome and given to people of any age. Many youth organizationsseek future people to begin providing service at a young age. Well-known organizations, such asBoy Scouts of America and Four H, sponsor projectsthat benefit the community around them.Four H commits with a pledge stating, “I pledge…My Head to clearer thinking, My Heart togreater loyalty, My Hands to larger service, and my Health to better living, For my club, mycommunity, my country, and my world” (Howe). Not only do the programs satisfy the peoplevolunteering and offering others service, but the program also works on personal developmentthrough the help of others. Therefore, the base of where service arises from is community-based organizations.“Community-based service-learning does not receive the kind of public attention that service-learning receives in education. Yet it offers significant benefits to society, to young people, andto participating institutions” (Roehlkepartain).Whether giving or accepting the service, bothindividuals benefit from the service.Younger participants benefit from these serviceopportunities as a healthy way to learn about caring for others and responsibility. Others areinspired to do more, once they provide a service. Receivers of these services come out in a
  5. 5. Dorris 5positive way as well. These people have chances to build strong relationships with others theymeet. When service is provided to others it shows the people that they are always supported byothers around them when in need. In today’s society many, especially in the United States, take what they have for granted.They do not realize the numerous things they have compared to some. With service it does noteven come down to the materials in life, it is the fact of others providing a favor to appreciate theones around them. Regis Murayi states, “I believe that a society cannot be truly successful with amentality that every individual should only worry about themselves and in the end things willwork out for the best. Community service is about building a stronger community whether oncampus, in your neighborhood, city, state, or any other type of community." Although only anopinion, Murayi makes a very good point of how helping others will make everyone unite as oneto work together. Providing service releases any hard feelings toward a person and makestheperson appreciate the people they have in his/her life. Similarly, another positive aspect of service is that it keeps people connected with eachother in general. Years ago, “People knew each other, people watched out for each other. Peoplecared about each other. Now, like no other time in history, many people feel alone andunconnected to groups” (Wolfelt). With this thought comes that people are devaluing life as awhole. Everyone’s upcoming future, the children of today, is not being raised to appreciate life ingeneral, only the material things one gets out of it. Not giving thanks to the things in life showsthat the people surrounding this world can only be consumed about themselves and areungrateful and unappreciative. However, service gives people a new outlook on life. When one is provided with a service, or good deed, it brings out his/her happiness. Beingserved makes the person feel great that someone else would think of them and do them a favor.
  6. 6. Dorris 6With people, service is a major psychological act. It gets into people’s heads that others do careabout them and wish them the best in life. Not only does the person receiving the service but alsothe one that provided the service feels like a better person. Caplan simply states, “Part of being aperson is about helping others." One can find many groups and individuals where that person’slife revolves about only helping others on a daily basis because they get a joy from seeing thehappiness in other people’s eyes. In conclusion, service is conducted every minute of the day and sometimes goesunnoticed. Whether it is ordering food from a fast food restaurant or picking up trash on schoolgrounds,each is a form of service. People of all ages are involved in acts of service. Youngerchildren are influenced to participate in organizations involving the volunteer aspect to startallowing people to appreciate the little things in life. Many of these younger children continue onwith their service until they are grown since service is seen in everyday life with the jobs andorganizations surrounding them. Physiologically service makes one feel a lot better about oneselfand is overall a confidence booster to both the provider and recipient. Service is both a need andwant in society and will always be in use for many years to come.
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