How to make money zombies vs plants


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How to make money zombies vs plants

  1. 1. HowHowHowHow ToToToTo MakeMakeMakeMake MoneyMoneyMoneyMoney ReviewReviewReviewReviewThisThisThisThis postpostpostpost isisisis fromfromfromfrom GRSGRSGRSGRS staffstaffstaffstaff writerwriterwriterwriter DonnaDonnaDonnaDonna Freedman.Freedman.Freedman.Freedman.Donna writes theFrugal Cool blog for MSN Money, and writes about frugality and intentionalliving at Surviving And Thriving.Let me say that initially I was skeptical about both the size and cost of HowHowHowHow IIIIMakeMakeMakeMake MoneyMoneyMoneyMoney Blogging:Blogging:Blogging:Blogging: TheTheTheThe BeginnerBeginnerBeginnerBeginner’’’’ssss GuideGuideGuideGuide totototo BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding aaaaMoney-MakingMoney-MakingMoney-MakingMoney-Making Blog.Blog.Blog.Blog. The $27 freight seemed a bit steep for a 32-page e-book.ThenThenThenThen IIII openedopenedopenedopened thethethethe PDFPDFPDFPDF andandandand beganbeganbeganbegan totototo minutes I realized that you shouldn’t judge abook by its cover price: Reading “HIMMB” is like along, fruitful session with an Internet consultant.The difference is that a consultant might give youonly part of the picture in order to guarantee afollow-up appointment. The author, CrystalStemberger, holdsholdsholdsholds nothingnothingnothingnothing backbackbackback –––– andandandand thethethethereaderreaderreaderreader benefitsbenefitsbenefitsbenefits.Stemberger owns or co-owns eight sites and while her posts won’t win Pulitzersfor prose, they’re lively and informative. Ditto her e-book: While she at timesneeds an editor (who doesn’t?), the information comes across as chatty advicefrom a trusted friend who’s been at this a lot longer than you have.She is, in fact, as Internet-savvy as a person can be without actually being anandroid. As noted in her GRS Reader Story (“Turning a side hustle intoself-employment“), in the space of a year Stemberger went from blogging for fun
  2. 2. to earning as much as $25,000 in a single month. She did this without spamming,running naughty-bits ads or polluting the Web with SEO-drenched “content.”Note:Note:Note:Note: SEO stands for “search-engine optimization”, techniques that make a websitemore appealing to search engines like Google — but less useful to readers like you.SEO is a shortcut to high search results, but it comes at the price of long-termusefulness. As J.D. is fond of saying: “The best SEO is actually great content thatother folks want to link to.”That’s not to say that the author is averse to search engine optimization and othertraffic-enhancing tricks. That’s how online commerce works, and “HIMMB” givesall the equipment you’ll need to play in the big leagues. For example, here’s howthe author suggests you choose a blog title: “Figure out some keywords that willbe searched for and include them in your name.”On first read, that piece of advice gave me the wimwams. It seemed so calculated,maybe even a little cold-blooded. But that’s because I tend to approach bloggingfrom a writer’s angle vs. a business mindset. If you want to write for free,nothing’s stopping you. IfIfIfIf youyouyouyou hopehopehopehope totototo bringbringbringbring inininin aaaa littlelittlelittlelittle (or(or(or(or aaaa lot)lot)lot)lot) ofofofof extraextraextraextramoney,money,money,money, thenthenthenthen youyouyouyou needneedneedneed thisthisthisthis e-book.e-book.e-book.e-book.AnAnAnAn evolvingevolvingevolvingevolving landscapelandscapelandscapelandscapePlenty of us could search all day for information on the business of blogging yetbe unable to comprehend it completely once we find it. Much of what’s out thereis so larded with jargon as to be impenetrable. I’m not a complete Luddite; forexample, I know that the Internet isn’t really a series of tubes. Yet the alphabetsoup of online shorthand sometimes makes me long for the days of Linotype.Not knowing what we don’t know can cost us, literally. Many newbies (like,
  3. 3. um,me) have accepted criminally low ad rates because we just didn’t know anybetter. Anyone who buys this book will know exactly what to charge: Stembergerprovides a list of revenue types and how much each one should bring in, based onpage rank.What’s a page rank? Good question. Stemberger explains three different types ofrankings and goes into some detail about Google vs. Everyone Else. It’s a complexissue because many bloggers live in fear of being penalized by that particular500-pound gorilla. The upheaval from two recent tweaks to Google’s algorithmcut many online entrepreneurs off at the knees, financially speaking. (Theauthor’s own page rank slumped to zero and hasn’t budged since.)DoesDoesDoesDoes thatthatthatthat meanmeanmeanmean thatthatthatthat big-bucksbig-bucksbig-bucksbig-bucks bloggingbloggingbloggingblogging isisisis aaaa thingthingthingthing ofofofof thethethethe past?past?past?past? NotNotNotNotnecessarily.necessarily.necessarily.necessarily. Stemberger explains that even though many of her advertisers andclients were body-slammed by those algorithm updates, “there is still plenty ofmoney to be made online – it’s simply a matter of adapting your strategy as thelandscape evolves.”Yet she also says what must be said: ““““DonDonDonDon’’’’tttt bebebebe inininin thisthisthisthis forforforfor thethethethe””””Yourblog might not make much right away – or ever. If you think you can slaptogether a few basic sites, staple on some SEO-heavy content and sit back as themoney rolls in, you’re likely deluding yourself. Those algorithms are gettingsmarter all the time, and so are readers.ReasonsReasonsReasonsReasons forforforfor writingwritingwritingwritingIt’s the readers — not the lucre – that should keep you in the business, the authorcautions. While the money is “a huge bonus,” it’s building an online communitythat motivates her to work so hard.
  4. 4. And it is work. Note that the title calls it “building” a blog, not “lying in ahammock while the blog makes you rich.” AlthoughAlthoughAlthoughAlthough thethethethe notionnotionnotionnotion ofofofof passivepassivepassivepassiveincomeincomeincomeincome isisisis aaaa persistentpersistentpersistentpersistent onlineonlineonlineonline meme,meme,meme,meme, itititit takestakestakestakes considerableconsiderableconsiderableconsiderable efforteffortefforteffort totototobringbringbringbring inininin thethethethe bigbigbigbig bucksbucksbucksbucks consistently.consistently.consistently.consistently.Incidentally, those bucks need not come only from advertisers. The author revealsa list of other online gigs she has done/still does, such as ghostwriting,commenting for hire and acting as a blog virtual assistant.WhatWhatWhatWhat aboutaboutaboutabout thosethosethosethose whowhowhowho justjustjustjust wantwantwantwant totototo writewritewritewrite forforforfor anananan audience,audience,audience,audience, totototo shareshareshareshareideasideasideasideas andandandand generategenerategenerategenerate conversations?conversations?conversations?conversations? I’m sure some of you actually exist. But Ibet the rest of you alleged purists would leap on even a penny-a-click ad accountif it were offered – and I say that as someone who maintained a personal websitefor months without ever investigating how she might make that blog pay for itself.Putting ads on your site is not selling out, by the way. The laborer is worthy of hise-hire. Ideally your readership would grow to the point where you could makewriting your full-time job. Unlikely, mind you, but it could happen – after all, thistime last year Stemberger had just bid farewell to the cubicle life.Yet even if you don’t want to “monetize” (ugh) your site, Stemberger’s book is stillincredibly valuable for its traffic-generating tips. That audience you crave won’tfind you all by itself.Note:Note:Note:Note: Crystal Stemberger, the author of this ebook, is also a long-time GRS reader.She’s created a $10-off code for readers of this blog. UseUseUseUse thethethethe codecodecodecode ““““GRS10GRS10GRS10GRS10″″″″throughoutthroughoutthroughoutthroughout thethethethe monthmonthmonthmonth ofofofof August,August,August,August, andandandand youyouyouyou cancancancan purchasepurchasepurchasepurchase HowHowHowHow IIII MakeMakeMakeMakeMoneyMoneyMoneyMoney BloggingBloggingBloggingBlogging””””forforforfor onlyonlyonlyonly $17.$17.$17.$17.Addendum:Addendum:Addendum:Addendum: As has been pointed out in the comments, thisthisthisthis bookbookbookbook
  5. 5. isisisis availableavailableavailableavailable inininin aaaa KindleKindleKindleKindle editioneditioneditionedition forforforfor $9.99$9.99$9.99$9.99. Not everyone has aKindle but those who do will pay a lot less.GRS is committed to helping our readers save and achieve your financial goals.Savings interest rates may be low, but that’s all the more reason to shop for thebest rate. Check out the top savings interest rates from Ally bank ,AmericanExpress and others.