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The Most Common Causes of Construction Site Injuries


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Construction workers have a highly dangerous job. Unfortunately, when construction workers are injured, it not only affects their health and livelihood, it poses a challenge for their family as well.
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The Most Common Causes of Construction Site Injuries

  1. 1. The Most Common Causes ofConstruction Site Injuries
  2. 2. Construction sites are dangerous and notorious for serious accidents.Unfortunately each year, more construction workers are hurt and killed ascompare to any other major line of work, because of its dangerous nature.Construction accidents result in more than 1,200 worker deaths every yeararound the country.Introduction
  3. 3. 1) Falls from high heights or scaffolding2) Slips and falls3) Electrocutions4) Falling debris, materials or objects5) Getting caught in-between objects or materials6) Fires and explosions7) Overexertion8) Machinery accidents9) Getting hit by a vehicle10)Trench collapsesCommon Causes of Construction Site Accidents
  4. 4. Whether it be a slip and fall accident on the same floor, a fall caused bya defective or poorly positioned ladder or a fall from one level toanother, falls are the most common cause of injury at construction sites.Falls from high heights or scaffolding
  5. 5. Slips and fallsFrom stray tools and materials to uneven ground or holes, there aremany hazards on a construction site that could lead to a dangerous slip,trip, or fall.
  6. 6. ElectrocutionsConstruction sites are often full of electrical wires, some of which arestill live and improperly labeled and/or insulated.
  7. 7. Falling debris, materials or objectsOn projects with multiple levels, it is common for falling tools, buildingmaterials, or beams to strike workers below.
  8. 8. Getting caught in-between objects or materialsConstruction sites are filled with heavy machinery, tools, and materials.Often, workers find themselves stuck in between immovable objects,machinery, or fallen debris.
  9. 9. Fires and explosionsBecause of unfinished piping, leaking gases, and incomplete electricalsystems, fires and explosions are a common occurrence on constructionsites.
  10. 10. OverexertionHours of hard labor, often in extremely hot or humid conditions, cancause workers to overexert themselves and even fall victim to heatstroke.
  11. 11. Machinery accidentsConstruction workers use a lot of heavy machinery in their work. Fromcranes and bulldozers to jackhammers and nail guns, an error oraccident with these tools can be very dangerous.
  12. 12. Getting hit by a vehicleConstruction sites are often located near or adjacent to roads or highways. Attimes, drivers can be distracted by the work, and if a driver is not looking or itis dark out, it is possible for a worker to get hit by a passing vehicle or truck.
  13. 13. Trench collapsesTrenches are often a necessity on construction sites. If a trench collapseswhile a worker is inside, it could cause them to be hit with tools, machinery, ormaterials or bury them in the surrounding dirt.
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