The Harmful Effects of Drinking And Driving


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Drinking and driving is a very serious and dangerous problem. Many people every year are killed or injured because of drunk drivers. Have a look the harmful effects of drinking and driving. If you have also faced this situation and have been injured in a drunk driver accident so you can contact for your Free Case Evaluation Now! Call us (205) 530-0612 or visit:

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The Harmful Effects of Drinking And Driving

  1. 1. The Harmful Effects Of Drinking And Driving
  2. 2. Drinking and driving is a very serious and dangerous problem. Many peopleevery year are killed or injured because of drunk drivers, and most of the peoplethat are killed are innocent bystanders. When a person’s blood alcohol contentis over the legal limit he becomes much more impaired and are at a higher riskat hurting themselves or others.
  3. 3. The more you drink, the more likely you are to havean accident
  4. 4. Alcohol slows you downAlcohol affects your body’s responses. It slows down your brain whichmeans you are more likely to have an accident.Drinking alcohol can:affect our judgment and reasoningslow down our reactionsupset our sense of balance and coordinationimpair our vision and hearingmake us lose concentration and feel drowsy.
  5. 5. Risk populationAre we all facing the same risk for driving under the influence ofalcohol? Is there a difference? Who is most likely to consume alcoholand drive? The statistics say that the population with the highest risk ofdrunk driving is the following:
  6. 6. Risk populationMale drivers between 22-45 years old who are responsible for almost 50percent of all drunk driving crashes;People with drinking problems or chronic drunk drivers; some statisticsestimate that one of seven adults has a drinking problem and so he is apotential drunk driver;Teenage drinkers who are inexperienced drivers as well as drinkers;Drinking and drive convictions who are most likely to repeat their behavior andmake an accident.
  7. 7. ConsequencesYou are an experienced driver and you have been driving several times whileimpaired and nothing bad has happened. Probably that makes you thinknothing bad will ever happen. You are wrong. Just take a look to the followingpossible consequences and maybe this will convince you not do step in youcar after a glass wine. Driving drunk can lead to terrible accidents such as:
  8. 8. ConsequencesKilling someone elseLosing your own lifeImprisonmentCriminal recordsLiving with guilt that you injured or caused an accident; depression
  9. 9. If you have been injured in a drunk driver accident, you have rights. Our lawyerscan determine if you are able to file a personal injury or wrongful death claimagainst the negligent driver to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wagesand future losses, property damage or for your pain and suffering. Click HERE