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Social media marketing


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Social media marketing

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing UCR Extension 2012 Dr. S. Jeannette Guignard Yi Zhou 476427
  2. 2. My Blog I created two blogs in Blogger 1st: The first one is mainly use for me to finish the homework of thismarketing course. I wrote four journals in this blog which name is “YiZhou’s Blog”. And I receive just three comments. It is pretty sad butI think it is just because I did not brand myself well enough. (countedby Mar. 22nd) 2nd: This blog I created it for myself. I decided to write somethinghappen in my life in another language instead of my first language, sothe name of this blog is “Happen in Life”. I just wrote one journal untilnow since I just establish it in such a short time. But I will continuewriting in it after this quarter ends even after I go back to China.
  3. 3. My Blog Con’d Writing online is really fun and free. You can write down whatever you want to say and do not have to worry about what others may say to you. Even though entertaining, it is hard to run a blog for long time indeed. The most challenging part is it is difficult to write journal everyday or in a regular pace. Sometimes I may forget about blog or have nothing to say. The worst thing may be forgetting username or password. It may be the end of this blog. So it does require a lot time and effort in writing blog in order to create a great one. I will keep writing in this blog. Not only for entertaining myself, but also hope people would find me and know me through this blog.
  4. 4. Facebook The link to my Facebook homepage For me, I sometimes post photos or status on my own page to let others know what am I doing these days. I think the most effective way to attract people’s attention for both individuals and corporations is highlight the most important information in the topic or in short words. Since there are too much information popping out all over the world at the same time, the best way to grab people’s attention is tell them what you want to convey in a very short time or space. Then who interested in your posts or status will follow you immediately. Actually my Facebook did not change after I have this course. I followed some companies and celebrities before an I will keep following them after this quarter.
  5. 5. Twitter 1) My twitter account: Doris8023SJ!/Doris8023SJ 2) I follow four companies and one celebrity: Express: I usually buy clothes of this brand Disney Parks: I love playing in Disneyland Blogger: I am using Blogger right now iHeartRadio: I always watching videos made by iHeartRadio Ryan Seacrest: I listen to his shows through radio for years 3) Weakness and strength of Twitter I think the biggest weakness is it cannot upload photos. And thelimitation of word is too short. The most strength is it is very convenience to express yourfeeling at almost any time. I will keep using Twitter in the future to track what others doand what they say to know about the world.
  6. 6. Closing Thoughts
  7. 7. Closing Thoughts Con’d After taking this course, I know how important social media is and why is it so important. In the past, I just regarded Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media networks as tools to see what are my friends doing recently. Now I know that these tools can help my market myself even without paying any money. So maybe when I looking for jobs in the future, I will post information about myself on those platforms in order to let more people than my life circle to know me. The most useful way to let everybody know you is you tell everyone who you are directly. I really gained a lot through this class. And I will apply what I learnt here to help me solve problems in my future career.
  8. 8. Thank you for teaching meand watching this slices!!!