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Moldovan Codrii


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Lesson plan for the VI th form.

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Moldovan Codrii

  1. 1. Objectives of the lesson: Talking about Moldovan Codrii as the most precious national treasure ; Understanding an informative text on the given topic; Naming the types of trees that grow in Moldovan Codrii.
  2. 2. The 28 th of October Classwork Topic: Moldovan Codrii
  3. 3. Word Bank fragrance /fregrəns / winding/wayndɪŋ / path /pæθ / mysterious/mɪstɪriəs / trill /trɪl / unfortunately/ənfɔrčənətli / pheasant /fɛzənt / litter /΄lɪtər / hill /hɪl / glade /gled / marten /mɑrtən / boar /΄bɔr / ancient /΄enčənt / majestic /΄məǰɛstɪk /
  4. 4. The Codrii There are several things that make life on Earth possible. Among them are forests. They are a major source of oxygen for the air we breath. Without forests the Earth would probably be a totally lifeless planet. We, Moldovans, are lucky to have on this tiny piece of land the cool and shadowy Codrii. The Codrii are hills and valleys covered with forests. Ancient oaks make them look majestic and mysterious. Here we can see poplars, maple trees and the tallest beech with branches as long as 27 metres. There are sunny spots surrounded with acacia and linden trees. The Codrii mean rich orchards and vineyards, ancient villages, streams lined with willows, sweet fragrance of flowers and trills of birds. Winding paths lead to beautiful glades with colourful flowers. Old people still remember the times when a lot of roes, wild boars, foxes, wolves, martens and pheasants lived in this area. Unfortunately most of them have disappeared. Our duty is to protect the Codrii for future generations.
  5. 5. 1. What is the name of the largest forest in Moldova? 2. Why does the author say that “ without forests the Earth would be a lifeless planet”? Find and read the answer from the text. 3. According to the text what tree is the symbol of Moldovan Codrii? Why? 4. What animals used to live in Codrii? 5. What duty do Moldovan citizens have toward Codrii? Find and read the answer from the text.
  6. 6. Read and identify the true and false sentences. Correct the false ones. 1. The forests make life on Earth possible. 2. The Codrii of Moldova are large thick forests with ancient trees. 3. In Codrii grow many banana trees. 4. In Moldovan Codrii live a lot of roes, wild boars, foxes, wolves, martens and pheasants. 5. The Codrii are dangerous for people`s health. 6. Our duty is to protect the Codrii for future generations.
  7. 7. Treesthatgrow inCodrii Group 1 – complete the spidergram about Trees that grow in Codrii
  8. 8. Group 2 – match the adjective with the right noun: 1.Shadowy 1. Boars 2.Winding 2. Glade 3.Ancient 3. Oaks 4.Long 4. Flowers 5.Wonderful 5. Orchard 6.Colourful 6.Branches 7.Rich 7. Path 8.Wild 8. Forest
  9. 9. Group 3 – circle the odd-words-out. Give reasons to your answers. 1.Linden, birch, marten, maple, willow. 2.Roe, poplar, boar, wolf, fox. 3.Willow, beech, acacia, pheasant, oak. 4.Ancient, majestic, winding, path, mysterious. 5.Fragrance, path, trill, rich, glade.
  10. 10. Gimnastică matematică a intelectului 1. Într-un luminiş de codru de formă pătrată se află cîte un spiriduş la fiecare colţ. Cîţi spiriduşi vede fiecare spiriduş? 2. Într-un copac din mijlocul codrului un cuc stătea într-un cuib.Cîte ouă va face cucul timp de o săptămînă în cuibul său? De ce? 3. Un stejar secular a găzduit 7 familii de vrăbii care sînt considerate “sanitarii pădurilor”.Cîţi paşi face o vrabie într-o oră, muncind din greu ca să protejeze pădurea de dăunători? Dar toate familiile de vrăbii? 4. Vasilică a hotărît să dăruiască prietenei sale un coş cu mere. A pornit la drum, din întîmplare a nimerit într-o poiană de mesteceni.Cîte mere a cules Vasilică timp de o oră, ştiindu-l foarte harnic? 5. Tatăl lui Ionel, fiind pădurar, a tăiat într-o zi un brad uscat de 10 metri.Cîte tăieturi trebuie să facă tata pentru a împărţi bradul în zece părţi egale?
  11. 11.  We read and analysed a text about Moldovan Codrii;  We learnt to destroy the nature;  We learnt new words and formed sentences with them;  We worked in groups;  We understood that Codrii are dangerous for our health;  We understood that Codrii are a major source of oxygen for the air we breath;  We learnt that our duty is to protect the nature;  We understood that without forests the Earth would probably be more beautiful and richer in oxygen;  We learnt about the animals that used to live in Codrii.
  12. 12. Cum v-aţi simţit la lecţia de astăzi? Redaţi sentimentele trăite în cadrul lecției prin culori. Argumentaţi alegerea.
  13. 13. HOMEWORK: 1.short summary of the text (page 26); 2. Ex. 5(page 27) 3. to draw a picture of autumn Codrii.