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Countries and People


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Countries and People

Published in: Education
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Countries and People

  1. 1. MOLDO VA He is Moldovan.Moldovan. He speaks Romanian.Romanian.
  2. 2. ENGLAND He is English.English. He speaks English.
  3. 3. THEUSA He is American.American. He speaks English.English.
  4. 4. GERMANY He is German.German. He speaks German.German.
  5. 5. FRANCE He is French.French. He speaks French.French.
  6. 6. ITALY He is Italian.Italian. He speaks Italian.Italian.
  7. 7. ROMANIA He is Romanian.Romanian. He speaks Romanian.Romanian.
  8. 8. RUSSIA He is Russian.Russian. He speaks Russian.Russian.
  9. 9. GREECE He is Greek.Greek. He speaks Greek.Greek.
  10. 10. POLAND She is Polish.Polish. She speaks Polish.Polish.
  11. 11. CHINA He is Chinese.Chinese. He speaks Chinese.Chinese.
  12. 12. SPAIN She is Spanish.Spanish. She speaks Spanish.Spanish.