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Final presentation Analyzing Trends


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The Future of Public Spaces as it Relates to Urban Millenials

Final presentation Analyzing Trends

  1. 1. The Future of Public Spaces as it Relates to Urban Millennials by: Elena and Dorielle
  2. 2. HYPOTHESIS Millenials have changed the way people look at and use public spaces because of their fluency in technology, the apparent rate at which the environment is being damaged, and their need for constant, quick consumption.
  3. 3. KEY FORCES Technology: is one of the main forces of the future of public spaces since sustainability and the environment are becoming very prevalent factors. Environment: is being affected by our lifestyles and we have to preserve it. Economy: Coming out of the recession, we can now consume again but more modestly.
  4. 4. CURRENT TRENDS1.Eagle Street Rooftop, New York 3. Uniqlo Cubs, New York 4. Blancanaux Lodge, Belize2. Temple Nightclub, San Fransisco
  5. 5. EAGLE STREET ROOFTOP, NYC sustainability community green Beautification eco-sensitive of cityspcape trust relationship Space garden “The latest sustainable trend in urban agriculture is rooftop gardening... Boasting environmental benefits and sustainability, rooftop gardening is transforming urban agriculture” culture-a274927
  6. 6. TEMPLE NIGHTCLUB, SAN FRANSISCO self-tapping energy involvement in sustainability something good longer entertainment incentive experience“As clubgoers dance, the floor is compressed by less than half an inch. It makes contact with the piezoelectric materialunder it and generates anywhere from two to 20 watts of electricity, depending on the impact of the patrons’ feet”-
  7. 7. UNIQLO CUBES, NYC accessibility pop-up store foot traffic multi-use/purposetransformation beneficial for the neighborhood quick consumption“Our most challenging...rewarding projects result from all the live, work,and play environments coming together in urban mixed-use developments.If the leaded elements are skillfully blended, the results can be golden.What we gain is the opportunity to be involved in the civic realm--to beactive as citizens of our communities”- file:///Users/doriellehadar/Documents/Analyzing%20Trends/Public%20Space%20Project/Re-search/3%20Keys%20To%20Creating%20Great%20%20Good%20Places%20%20%20%20Co.De-sign%20%20business%20+%20innovation%20+%20design.html
  8. 8. Blancanaux Lodge, Francis CoppolaHotel, Belize no-tech space relaxation simpler time connectivity “58 percent of U.S. smartphone owners check their phones at least once every hour... Our media-heavy habits have changed the way we communicate...we rely less and less on verbal communication” “Anxiety U.K...released a study that social media and internet usage does stress us out...60 percent of study respondents stated “they felt the need to switch off” their phones and computers to get a true break from technology” - html
  9. 9. SUBCULTURE Vegan Hipsters
  10. 10. KEY INSIGHTS OPPORTUNITIES Realization that we are Incorporate sensitivity towards damaging the environment the environment Sustabinility ensures longer entertainment, more connectivity, Recycling of energy ensures a and the feeling that you are doing better quality of life something good Transformation provides an incentive, a need to experience new stuff, and provides Transformation attracts consumers. consumption in this quick new capitalistic society.No-Tech spaces returns you to asimpler time, provides relaxation, No-tech spaces allow people toand more connectivity between live in the nowyourself and other people.
  11. 11. PROFILE OF THE CLIENTMARRIOT HOTELTheir key business activity is to provide people with roomsto sleep in that are convenient and comfortable. They need tomove away from the mere convenience aspect and into a spherethat encompasses social gathering and multi-uses so that allcustomers will be benefitted and not just the young entrepreneursthat utilize their board and meeting rooms.
  12. 12. SUGGESTIONSIndoor gardens that are sustainableSelf-tapping electricity systems will provide people with the incentive tostay longer, socialize more, and feel as though they are doing somethinggood for the environment.Pop up stores will provide more incentive to come andthrough collaborations can change the entire outlookand reputation the Marriott.Technology-free spaces could be incorporated into thegardens so that people feel like they are getting back tonature and a more primitive time and can relax.