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Final draft bmgt team3


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Employee Engagement Powerpoint Collaborative Presantation by Cindy, Liz, Erin, Juan aka (dorian skymaker) aka JCJCBBG fall 2011

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Final draft bmgt team3

  1. 1. Employee Employee EngagementEngagementTEAM 3: Cindy, Liz, Erin, Juan TEAM 3 Juan Liz Cindy Erin
  2. 2. Taking a closer look at Employee Engagement Liz= Why is Employee Engagement Important? Cindy=Creating a culture of Employee Engagement. Erin= The Authenticity of Employee Engagement. Juan= The difference between Employee Engagement and Employee Communication.
  3. 3. Liz- The Importance of Employee Engagement The National Business Research Institute Inc. Posted an information graph on their website on September 22, 2011 to demonstrate “The Importance of Employee Engagement” (NBRI 2011). It shows the research that typically one in three employees is engaged at work and outlines how one can engage their employees. “Everyone in the company is given a slice of the responsibility pie. It’s a matter of properly indentifying each employee’s role as part of the greater whole, and instilling accountability to perform roles” (NBRI 2011).
  4. 4. Liz – Why is it important
  5. 5. Cindy – Creating a Culture of Employee Engagement Creating a culture within an organization especially a positive culture can have a powerful impact on employees. The benefits are better working relationships, engaging work productivity, inspire creativity, dedication to the company, and employees will feel at ease with others as well as in their jobs. A strong corporate culture can make it more competitive and profitable. Important factors to building a culture of employee engagement are Communication, Authority, Safety, and Opportunities for growth.
  6. 6. Erin- Leading Authentic Engagement •People who have been part of something larger than themselves will tell you that they 2min gained from those experiences an incredible sense of belonging, a deeper belief in the power of people to act together, and even a sense of happiness. And while their happiness may have been tied to some personal achievement, they will almost always say that it was also a result of their connection to others. -Rich HarwoodRich Harwood, President & Founder of the Harwood Institute forPublic Innovation, expounds on how to effectively lead AuthenticEngagement.
  7. 7. Erin – Authenticity of EmployeeEngagement •When surveyed employees continually responded with wanting an employer to have a commitment to social responsibility. For employees to care about what they do they want their companies to set the example. Employees believe there is a trickle down effect. If an organization invests “care” in their practices, and environment, they will do the same for their people. Employees chose social responsibility over money and promotions. Organizations such as Zappos, Patagonia, and New Belgium Brewing, have been spotlighted for their employee engagement success. While many firms are struggling to develop effective engagement programs these firms opened their doors with a grass roots mentality of social responsibility, which seems to be the learning curve on successful employee engagement.
  8. 8. Juan - Employee Engagement vs. EmployeeCommunication  Employee Engagement is bringing a whole array of skills and disciplines, anthropology, sociology, psychology, it’s all about “How do we get people to emotionally connect to the work they do everyday, which is different than How do we share information with them.” -Maril Maril pioneered a discipline that initiates collaboration with corporate leaders to optimize business performance by engaging and mobilizing MacDonald stakeholders behind a company’s strategic goals, its culture and its brand. She is CEO and founder of Gagen MacDonald and the firm’s clients include some of the most recognized brands in the world.
  9. 9. Juan- 3 Short Video Examples of EmployeesNOT Engaged 2 
  10. 10. Juan- Evolution of Tools for Communication CubeVibe, Future of Employee Engagement Software (2min video)
  11. 11. Employee Employee EngagementEngagementTEAM 3: Cindy, Liz, Erin, Juan TEAM 3 Juan Liz Cindy Erin