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Frech guiana


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Frech guiana

  1. 1. French GuianaWe hope you will enjoy it ! 
  2. 2. Atlantic Ocean French GuianaSuriname Brazil
  3. 3. Aerial view of the Kourou Spaceport
  4. 4. « Together and in color ! »
  5. 5. The AmerindiansThey are the first occupants of the country : → The Galibis and the Arawaks live near Saint-Laurent ; → The Palikours live near Saint-Georges , they adapted themselves to the occidental lifestyle ; → The Tekos or Emerillons ,the Wayanas and the Wayampis live in the south. In theory this place is protected to prevent any illegal activities ( by gold mining ,destruction of the environment ,pollution ,etc. ... ).
  6. 6. Amerindian chiefs of Wayampis
  7. 7. An amerindian woman paintinga « sky on the roof » ( = Ciel de case )
  8. 8. Another « ciel de case »
  9. 9. The BushinengeThe Bushinenge are the descendants of the Africans who settled in the Surinamese inland on the Maroni River to escape slavery. They are : the Bonis ( or Alukus ) along the Maroni river mostly ; the Djukas in Grand- Santi ,also on the Maroni river ; the Paramacas and the Saramacas. Their language is a blend of English ,Hollandese and Portuguese.
  10. 10. Their Tembe artIt’s the « Bush people »’s heritage : it was the only way to communicate in the Surinam plantations. The different colors and shapes had a meaning.It is a very colorful and geometric art. A Tembe can be a painting or a sculpture. The men used to offer a tembe sculpture to ask their lover in marriage.
  11. 11. Sculpted traymeal Sculpted chair A sculpted stoolA paddle Sculptures A tembe painting A canoe
  12. 12. The Creole peopleThe Creoles are the local descendants of African slaves. The slaves worked in plantations and used to grow sugar cane ,spices ,chocolate ,coffee beans ...Between the XVIII and the XIX century ,the Creole language appears. It is French blended with English ,Spanish ,Dutch and a little bit of Portuguese.
  13. 13. Painting of Creole’s people in the market
  14. 14. Group singing in creole during a concert
  15. 15. Kids wearing madras
  16. 16. The EuropeansSince the XVII century ,Guiana is colonised by the French. They used the African slaves they brought in with them to grow sugar ,spices ,chocolate and coffee until slavery was definetely abolished in 1848. The abolition caused the economy to slow ,but not to stop : Guiana was still French and still growing. In 1945 ,the territory became a French department ,the « 97.3 ». In 1973 ,the Kourou Space Center was created ,it’s known for its rockets named Ariane.
  17. 17. The H’mongExpelled from Laos in 1977 ,they aretoday about a thousand people ( 500 on arrival ). They are divided into four villages they have built themselves : Cacao ,Javouhey ,Rococoua and Corrossony.
  18. 18. H’mong’s traditional dance
  19. 19. H’mong with their different clothes
  20. 20. Their costumes seen close
  21. 21. The rest of the populationThis minority is mostly composed of immigrants from the surrounding countries and Islands : →Chinese ,Brazilians ,Haïtians ,Lebanes e ,Guyanese ( from EnglishGuyana ) ,Dominicans ,Surinamese , Peruvian ,etc …
  22. 22. Chinese parade during the Carnival
  23. 23. Brazilians marching through thestreets to celebrate a victory ( football world cup 2002 )
  24. 24. Haïtians kids showing their gifts
  25. 25. The Broth Awara fritters colombo The red beans with quack
  26. 26. • Banana comes from the banana tree, a tropical plant. There are two types of bananas : sweet banana and plantain banana, less sweet, which is cooked before be eating. Bananas are picked up again green, and finish grew up after picking up.
  27. 27. • Mango comes from the mango tree which is a big tree.The fruit is fleshy, oval and is about from 5 to 15 cm. Mango is green, yellow and red colors. The flesh is sweet, appreciated and delicious. YUMMY ;)
  28. 28. • Papaya is comes from papaya tree. It is a generous delicious bay rich in flavor which can reach 1 kg. In maturity, papayas are green yellow, with an orange juicy flesh.
  29. 29. Plum of Cythera• Plum of Cythera has an oval form and become yelow-orange at maturity.• The plum of Cythera tree is a little tree who grew up in equatorial zones. Before maturity, plum of cythera is used against the diseases and against the troubles of intestines.
  30. 30. Pineapple• The pineapple is a tropical fruit covered with orange scales, leafy in its summit, very appreciated for its yellow and sweet flesh.
  31. 31. Passion fruitPassion fruit is called Maragudja too. It’s comes from a beauiful, sauvage plain who results from tropical zones of the world, Passiflore.
  32. 32. Guava GuavaThe guava is the fruit of the guava. Shecan consume in juice, in fruit, in jam and insherbet. It is a medicinal plant strong invitamin C, used against the diarrhea Itsrelatively plentiful organic acids confer himan a little acidulated flavor and very freshly.
  33. 33. Ramboutan• In Guyana, you can find the ramboutan in the mong village.
  34. 34. Citrus fruits• In french Guyana, there are many types of citrus fruits. There are:OrangeSatsumaGrapefruitsLemon