How to Set-up Your iPad with Exchange


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For Delta College employees to set up their iPads with the college's exchange server.

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How to Set-up Your iPad with Exchange

  1. 1. How to set up theMicrosoft Exchange on the iPad Delta College Center for Organizational Success
  2. 2. TAP theSettingsButton
  3. 3. TAP Mail,Contact,CalendarsButton
  4. 4. TAPAddAccount
  5. 5. TAPMicrosoftExchange
  6. 6. Enter the followinginformation:Email: yourname@delta.edudomain: blankUserName: yournamePassword: your passwordDescription: ExchangeTAP Next
  7. 7. Enter the followinginformation:Server:exch07ca1@delta.eduDescription: your choiceUse SSL: On
  8. 8. Your iPad will sync yourmail, contacts, andcalendar by default.TAP the On button tochange these options.
  9. 9. You can change the wayyour mail is deliveredand sent by changingthese options.Please TAP option youwould like to change.
  10. 10. For additional help:Web - Phone or 1:1 - x9261 email -