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Why startups need mentors and coaches


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A webinar I did for NEN.

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Why startups need mentors and coaches

  1. 1. Why Start-ups need Mentors and Coaches Dorai Thodla @dorait Founder, iMorph Tweet about this @nenindia #neneclub #startup #mentor #coaching
  2. 2. Questions?Dorai Thodla - @dorait
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  4. 4. Consultants, Coaches and Mentors• Consultants – Specialists in a specific area who can be hired to help. Examples: website designers, programmers, marketing specialists etc.• Coaches – Typically act as teachers to develop a certain skills. Coaches can be internal or external.• Mentors – Act in an advisory capacity to help management realize their true potential. Mentors are not limited to helping businesses and startups. Students can have mentors too.