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Serres xmasprogramme


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Published in: Education
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Serres xmasprogramme

  1. 1. Serres Christmas Workshop and Show Part 1: Drama Workshop Drama techniques in the language classroom Abstract Practicaltechniques for using drama with all ages in order to engage the whole learner and teach English in more creative and effective ways. These techniques will not only help to make students more fluent but will build their self-confidence and rapport. We will try out, explore and discuss a variety of approaches ranging from quick one-off activities to more extended exercises, tasks and performances. Detailed Summary This session demonstrates, presents and explores the used of drama and theatrical activities in the language classroom and in activities leading to a performance. Drama activities in ELT aim to make language learning enjoyable and memorable. But they also help to build trust and rapport amongst student and between teacher and students – which are preconditions for any effective learning to take place. The range and diversity of drama activities in terms of type and time is huge: they include anything as brief and simple as warm-up activities at the beginning of the lesson or as elaborate as the performance of a play – short or long.. They can make grammar and vocabulary memorable; they can improve pronunciation and fluency. They are a simple but effective way of connecting the classroom and the real world. Even repetition and memorizing activities become purposeful within the framework of language used in drama activities. Drama activities are often used to deal with learning difficulties and problems of behaviour. They encourage students to use their voice to project and articulate clearly. Textbook dialogues can be adapted and brought to life through drama activities. Presented by Aspa Georgopoulou, Vicky Saran, Dr Luke Prodromou Duration: 60 mins Part 2: Performance Testing Times: Celebrating Jane Austen The performance celebrates teaching and English language teachers – and their trainers! But we also pay tribute the work of Jane Austen, considered by many to be England’s greatest novelist, who died 200 years ago. Six sketches inspired by the work of great English – and Irish – writers, including Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde, on the theme of women in love and the delights and disappointments of marriage. The programme 1. What have teacher trainers everdone for us? 2. The first private English lesson 3. Mr Collins fails the test
  2. 2. 4. Elizabeth passes the test 5. Mr Gradgrind fails Louisa’s test 6. Lady Bracknell sets MrWorthing a Test Duration: 60 mins Performed by the English Language Theatre, Luke and Friends – and guests from the Serres English Teachers’ Association: Aspa Georgopoulou holds a BA in Early Childhood Education. She has been teaching English and working as an Academic Manager’s Assistant for the last twelve years. Since 2012 she has also been performing with amateur theatre groups. Vicky Sarandidou, Has a B.A. in English Language and Literature. She has been an EFL teacher in both the private and public sector for 30 years. Dr. Luke Prodromou graduated from Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Nottingham Universities. He was a teacher and teacher-trainer with the British Council. He has also worked for ESADE, Barcelona, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Thessaloniki, Pilgrims Canterbury, NILE, Bell Schools et al. He gives talks on English literature and he also runs an international teachers’ and students’ English Language Theatre: Luke’n’Friends,which has performed in Greece,Spain, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Argentina, Mexico, Georgia, and the UK.