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Me and my world presentation

  1. 1. Me and my WorldAn e-twinning projectThree collaborating schools• Lycée Saint Cœur, Beaune (France),• ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΚΑΤΩ ΠΟΡΟΪΩΝ , ΚΑΤΩ ΠΟΡΟΪΑ (Greece)• Pierwsze Gimnazjum Autorskie i I Społeczne Liceum Ogólnokształcące, Warszawa Wesoła (Poland)
  2. 2. Teaching Context The project lasted from February 2012 to May 2012 The students had one teaching hour per week devoted to the project The language used to communicate was English
  3. 3. Learner profileThe participating students were 17 years old & their linguistic level ranged from B1 & B2 levelThe Greek students were attending the second grade of Kato Poroia Senior High School
  4. 4. objectiveseducational pedagogic learning
  5. 5. Educational objectives• to make pupils aware of international cooperation• to teach them teamwork (listen to each other, follow the given rules, take an active part in group work, negotiate)• to learn about different cultures
  6. 6. Pedagogic objectives• to develop pupils’ ability to become autonomous in their learning process• to develop pupils’ creativity and imagination• to develop ICT skills• to develop planning and cooperation skills
  7. 7. Learning objectives• to be able to introduce oneself• to be able to communicate in English in a real situation using ICT• to be able to use specific vocabulary• to be able to understand in detail written work from partners• to be able to express oneself in a detailed and pragmatic way• to be able to write cohesive and coherent work.
  8. 8. Teaching Procedure• Students start by introducing themselves individually first, then they will work in mixed groups of different nationalities• They deal with different topics each week exploiting different tools at their disposal in a creative way
  9. 9. Week 1• students introduce themselves individually in a creative way using specific websites like to talk about their pastimes or instead of traditional pictures
  10. 10. Week 2• Students describe their rooms in a creative way using sites like or
  11. 11. Week 3Students introduce their town/city as a group using Powerpoint or Movie MakerThey formed pairs or groups of three according to the villages they live in
  12. 12. Weeks 4-10• 2 weeks for each topic here: pupils start working in mixed groups and start writing a comic strip using sites like• The aim is to introduce their culture to their partners.
  13. 13. topics1)favourite/weird/the funniest traditions2)local cuisine – most popular and the best/the worst elements3)education: the structure –possible plus what I like about our education and what I don’t4) my favorite English-speaking writer / person
  14. 14. Week 11Final presentation of the comic strips produced by the six different, mixed- nationality groups on the e-twinning platform
  15. 15. Benefits of Project Work• Cognitive, social, affective and linguistic development of students• Integration and practice of the four language skills• Cultivation of New Literacies• Development of learning strategies• Student autonomy
  16. 16. EvaluationThe project managed to motivate students and provide the opportunity for students to be creative, to collaborate and generate meaningful language