Introduction to shakespeare


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Introduction to shakespeare

  1. 1. An introduction to the life of the: Copyright © 2011 TES English
  2. 2. NAME: Shakespeare is most commonly used although Shakespeare himself spelt his name in other ways too. He used: Shakespere, Shakespear, Shackspeare and Shaxpere!FIRST NAME(S): William. Just William. DATE OF Baptised on April 26th, 1564. Birth BIRTH: certificates did not exist at the time. Therefore, it is difficult to state his exact date of birth. However, baptisms generally happened three days after birth and so most people agree that Shakespeare was born on April 23rd. PLACE OF Stratford-upon-Avon, BIRTH: Warwickshire, England. SIBLINGS: The third of eight children, though the * His youngest brother, two before him had died, making him the Edmund, also became an oldest of six. * actor. Copyright © 2011 TES English
  3. 3. What was Shakespeare’s schooling like? First of all, answer the following questions about your school life. Make a note of your answers. • How old are your classmates? • How many days a week do you attend school? • What time does your school day begin? And end? So how long is your day? • How many subjects do you study? King Edward VI School Shakespeare’s Justschool one class with children from the ages of 7 – 13. Children attended school SIX days a week, every week of the year. The boys (no girls allowed!) who attended the school studied Latin – mostly just Latin. Copyright © 2011 TES English
  4. 4. London,1610TheGlobe Copyright © 2011 TES English
  5. 5. t was moved from the north to the south ofthe Thames in 1599.ost of Shakespeare’s plays were performedhere.n 29 June 1613 the Globe Theatre went up inflames during a performance. A cannon, usedin the production, misfired and ignited thewooden beams and thatching. It was thenrebuilt.he Globe was closed in 1642 and demolished Copyright © 2011 TES English
  6. 6. 3,000 people could fit into the Globe. 1,700 of them paid one penny to stand in the yard where there was no roof. They were called groundlings.  This is a groundling’s point of view.Most of the audience could neither read nor write, so the plays had to be entertaining or the theatreswould have made no money… and Shakespeare was a very rich man! Copyright © 2011 TES English
  7. 7. So, how did Shakespeare attract his audiences?A very important feature of the plays are their dramatic openings.Here are some examples:A HUNCHBACK A GHOST Witches A FIGH T R omeo and Macbeth Richard III Ha m l et Juliet Can you think of some reasons why these openings would have enthralled Shakespeare’s audiences? Think about the social class of the audience as well as the world of theatre. Discuss your ideas in small groups. Copyright © 2011 TES English
  8. 8. The importance of HUMOUR!ha ha! ha ha! the biggest Robert Armin he stars were t clowns he he heee ha! ha ha Will Kempe waaa ha ha ha haaa! ha! Shakespeare became so cross with Kempe’s fame (and improvising) that he sacked him! Copyright © 2011 TES English
  9. 9. We know that he played……the ghost in d in the …a n d … and he appeare u s. Jo nson play SejanH amlet… A d a m in As Y o u L ik e I t … However, the star of Shakespeare’s Burbage’s father company was owned ‘The Richard Theatre’, the first Burbage, who public theatre in played all the leading England. parts. Copyright © 2011 TES English
  10. 10. Copyright © 2011 TES English
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