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Autumn13 thessatsir

  1. 1. The MET Hotel - Thessaloniki Programme Saturday 31 August - Sirocco 10.30 - 10.55 WRITING SKILLS Professional Sylvia Kar, Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Writer, SYLVIA KAR PUBLICATIONS Presentation Writing letters, essays, etc. to pass the exams. 11.30 – 11.55 CLOSE UP. TAKING LEARNING AND EXAM TRAINING TO A HIGHER LEVEL. Eftichis Kantarakis, RSA Dip., Teacher Trainer, NEW EDITIONS - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LEARNING Close Up for B1, B1+ and B2 have shown us how exam coursebooks can be educational, exam - perfect and fun! Now, New Editions and National Geographic Learning bring you Close Up C1! 12.00 – 12.25 EFFECTIVE LEARNING IN LESS TIME Thomas Parisopoulos, Marketing Consultant, SUPER COURSE PUBLISHING I like English is a new series in response to the current market demand for fewer teaching hours and reduced tuition fees. It has been designed to be taught in two teaching sessions a week (1 hour per session). It is accompanied by software for interactive whiteboards and an i-book. FREE SAMPLE COPY. 12.30 – 13.45 SMILEYS: LEARNING WITH A SMILE IS LEARNING FOR LIFE! A fresh, exciting course for Pre-Junior Junior classes. A unique combination of print and digital resources that will put a smile on the faces of teachers and pupils alike! Because no classroom is complete without a smile! i5: I THINK, I FEEL, I LEARN! A brand new, amazing course for your A-B-C classes, ideal for young learners of English at secondary level. This highly motivating series will fully engage students and put them at the heart of learning! DISCOVER OUR AMAZING WORLD - CLIL READERS: A WORLD OF WONDERS AT THE TURN OF A PAGE! Learn to read, Read to learn! CAREER PATHS: GET THE PASSPORT TO A PROMISING INTERNATIONAL CAREER! EXPRESS PUBLISHING 14.00 – 14.25 TOEIC® TEST: Almost 7 million test takers in 2012! Will your students be part of the next 7 million? Prepare your students with RELIABLE test preparation materials: PRACTICE EXAMINATIONS FOR THE TOEIC® TEST. Sophia Christidi, Academic Instructor, Teacher, HELLENIC AMERICAN UNION In 2012, almost 7 million test takers in 120 countries throughout the world trusted the TOEIC® test to determine their English language skills. The presentation will look at how we can prepare our students for the test using the HAU’s Practice Examinations for the TOEIC Test. 14.30 – 14.55 TECHNOLOGY AND INTERACTIVE EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE BY EPSON Natasha Georgiou, Corporate Channel Manager, EPSON ΕΛΛΑΣ Epson presents the Interactive Teaching penetration in the European and Greek Educational market and demonstrates it’s value to teachers and students. Ink Tank System Printers and Ultra Short Throw Interactive Projectors are the key areas of product focus, which – respectively - add value in printing costs for the business and quality levels (CLO) for the presenter. 15.00 – 15.25 CHANGES TO THE MSU READING COMPREHENSION SECTION Rodney Coules, Director of Testing, ANATOLIA COLLEGE The presentation will examine the changes to the MSU reading comprehension section and ways to better prepare candidates.