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Dops Seed Investment Pitch


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The pitch we used to earn the $60,000 seed fund investment.

Automate your software development lifecycle. Dops is an agent for Jira that predicts and resolves DevOps and SRE tasks to make software development teams more productive.

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Dops Seed Investment Pitch

  1. 1. May Al Othman | Co-founder & CEO Helping software companies adopt, automate, and scale DevOps
  2. 2. What is DevOps? An IT practice that brings together development, IT operations and QA for faster, cheaper and more secure software delivery.
  3. 3. DevOps can get you to market 60x faster
  4. 4. $482 B Global Software Market $3 B Global DevOps Market Compounding annual growth rate at 24% DevOps is only growing
  5. 5. DevOps Consulting since 2016
  6. 6. Problems with DevOps today ➔ Scarce Human Resources ➔ High Administration Costs ➔ Poor Implementation ➔ Manual Tooling
  7. 7. A.I. powered DevOps SaaS that understands your IT project goals and helps achieve them in real-time.
  8. 8. Works with Meet the Dops AI agent ➔ Connect directly into existing workflows ➔ Predict needed solutions ➔ Resolve them automatically
  9. 9. Commercialization & IP Roadmap North Scientific Journey Q2 2019 Q1 2020 Q4 2019 VALIDATION Business Model $172K GCP credits LAUNCH BETA Product development and marketing 2021 GROWTH Geographic expansion 2022 SCALE $35M projected revenue
  10. 10. The Team WAEL | Co-founder & CTO M. Eng. Previous researcher at CMU. 10+ years in solution architecture and delivery. DevOps & ArchOps consultant MAY | Co-founder & CEO Green Belt lean six sigma project manager 10+ years experience in global enterprises Technology deployment & adoption MOHAMMAD | CFO Masters in Finance and Bachelor in accounting Certified Internal Auditor. Experience as an auditor at Ernst & Young
  11. 11. Our Trusted Advisors ADRIEN ARNOUX | Digital Marketing Strategist AARON LINDEN | Strategy Advisor SYDNEY SWAINE-SIMON | A.i. Fellow CHARLES CEELEN-BRASSEUR | LawyerLARA MAJED | B2B Sales
  12. 12. Join the beta waitlist Automate your software development lifecycle