Teflon Applications


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Teflon Applications

  1. 1. World leading innovations in fluoropolymer processing
  2. 2. Our Company One of the largest fluoropolymer processors in the UK and a global supplier of PTFE, polymer related components and semi-finished materials to market leaders throughout the world Corporate Overview Markets Founded in 1962, Fluorocarbon is one of the UK’s largest fluoropolymer Aerospace Off-highway Medical & Pharmaceutical processors and a global supplier of PTFE, polymer related components With customer approvals including The arduous off-highway and construction Chemical resistant components are developed and semi-finished materials. With customers who are worldwide market Airbus UK, Rolls Royce and BAE Systems, industry requires products that can withstand specifically to meet the rigorous demands of leaders across many business areas we ensure our products & services our products are deployed across extreme physical displacement. With this in sensitive medical device applications. are focused on meeting their increasing demands. applications in major commercial and military mind, we design and manufacture resilient Semi-conductor Fluorocarbon has 6 manufacturing sites: 5 in the UK and 1 in Europe, sales aircraft programmes. components that also offer exceptional offices in Europe and the USA and partners globally. We aim to offer our weather and abrasion resistance. Semicon OEMs across the world are supplied Automotive customers high quality, cost effective solutions, from material selection and with critical components for use in Food product design to manufacturing and distribution. We are committed to the development of sophisticated wafer-processing equipment. products to meet our automotive customers’ Offering a wide range of products to suit With a quality system certified to ISO 9001:2000 and a group research and Water & Environmental present and future requirements. Our cost- applications in the food & beverage and development team striving to bring new materials and products to market, we effective components offering longevity are industrial bakeware market, we take great care Our high purity and ozone resistant products have the in-house capability to offer bespoke products tailored to meet the designed to meet the high quality demands to ensure that FDA approvals are met. are designed to offer longevity and perform in individual requirements of our customers. dictated by APQP, PPAP and SPC. specific customer environments. Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Chemical Processing The oil and gas industry is provided with a We supply a vast range of high performance wide variety of components for applications components that allow operation over a wide designed to withstand the most extreme temperature range, whilst offering outstanding pressures and temperatures such as sub-sea chemical resistance and flexibility. constructions, platforms and process plants. 2
  3. 3. Quality Research & Development At Fluorocarbon it is our policy to Approvals Laboratory Testing Offering design, development and continually improve our Quality laboratory testing facilities to handle • BS.EN.ISO. 9001: 2000 Using our modern, qualified laboratory, we Management System and every level of projects from concept to full scale • AS9100 Aerospace offer full traceability on all products and our organisation is focused on satisfying manufacture, our team of qualified R&D Approval materials and ensure the highest quality finish. and exceeding the needs and engineers and material specialists carry Day-to-day testing and analysis to expectations of our customers. • BAE Systems Military out on-going new material and product international standards includes ASTM, DIN, Programme activities. development projects. Using our strong Emphasis is placed on quality throughout the BSI and ISO. (Approval no. relationships with worldwide partners we production process, commencing with BAE/AG/10755/MAA) Testing carried out includes, but is not limited offer engineering solutions tailored to suit incoming raw materials, through manufacture • Rolls Royce to: tensile, elongation, density, hardness zero specific applications. and concluding with inspection and delivery of Our Service strength time and peel testing. the finished product. We ensure that everyone • Airbus UK Limited Materials • Advice on material selection to meet who has a direct influence on the quality of our (Approval no. Environmental Policy Based on elastomer, PTFE and thermoplastic specific applications products has the skills and training to achieve AUK/SA/30043) We continuously seek to improve technologies, our Fluorinoid® company register • Customer specific blends including colour these ideals. • Dowty - GE environmental performance. includes over 400 materials that offer pigments to provide exclusivity • Raytheon exceptional characteristics enabling them to From the stages of product design through • Formulation and in-house blending of • Pattonaire operate in demanding environmental manufacturing, use, and recycling, we strive special material compounds in a clean and conditions at temperatures to over 300°C. to minimise any potential impact on controlled environment employees, customers, the general public and Materials include: • A variety of fillers including Glass, Carbon, the natural environment by complying with all Graphite, Bronze, Ekonol and Aluminium PTFE, PEEK, PCTFE, PFA, PPS, ETFE relevant legislation. and ECTFE. • Testing of materials and finished products to a wide range of European, US and International standards 3
  4. 4. Fluorocarbon Products An extensive range of standard and bespoke solutions in fluoropolymer materials, coatings and advanced engineering thermoplastics High Performance Surface Coatings Fluorocarbon has been applying specialist industrial surface coatings for Fluoralon HB Coatings Refurbishment over 40 years. Our breadth of experience and technical expertise enables Fluoralon® High Build coatings have been Our maintenance and refurbishment us to offer the right coating solution for chemical or environmental developed to provide the ultimate in service offers the controlled removal of protection, low friction, non-stick and decorative coatings. chemical protection. surface coatings to restore products to their As a leading coatings provider we offer a wide range of fluoropolymers such as original condition. The range, based on high performance melt PTFE, FEP, PFA, ECTFE and ETFE – backed by our strong partnerships with processible fluoropolymers such as ECTFE, Our service covers most types of process and major suppliers including Dupont (Teflon®), Whitford (Xylan®), Solvay (Halar®), PFA and ETFE, has been formulated to engineering equipment including: Arkema (Rilsan®) and SBS®. Other industrial paint systems are available to suit provide enhanced toughness and • Bakery equipment (dough hoppers, chutes specific customer requirements. chemical protection. & rollers) Services include: Our robotic spray plant and conveyor ovens are capable of high volume Surface & Blast Cleaning • Solvent and aqueous • Chemical processing equipment production, whilst large and small single batch ovens take care of low volume or (centrifuges, agitators & process vessels) one-off coating requirements. Our pre-treatment area is extremely diverse, degreasing specialising in surface treatments including • Handling equipment (guide rails, conveyor • Grit/shotblasting Working with our customers to understand their needs, our experience ensures slats, feed chutes) blast cleaning and finishing solutions for a vast we recommend the most accurate and cost-effective coating to add product • Aluminium oxide range of materials to suit various applications. • Packaging machinery (heat seal bars, value and a distinct competitive advantage. • Chilled iron cutting blades) Markets supplied include aerospace, automotive, food, chemical, oil & gas • Steel grit and pharmaceutical. • Glass bead • Flame spraying • Other blast media are available 4
  5. 5. Industrial Bakeware FBS Prestige is a leading designer and Much more than just a manufacturer, our Monitoring and Scheduling Service manufacturer of industrial bakeware highly experienced, innovative design team Product hygiene, plant efficiency and overall profitability depend servicing the accounts of many of Europe’s provides a complete service by utilising the upon clean equipment. Our after sales care offers a complete leading bread and cake manufacturers. most effective CAD/CAM design and management service that will monitor and implement a planned manufacturing techniques. This, coupled with In close co-operation with our customers, we cleaning and refurbish schedule relating to all types of industrial our new generation of oil free release coatings develop specifically designed standard and bakeware items. has transformed the working and commercial custom made breadtins, barbanded trays and baking environment by providing realistic and This tailored service has been designed as a continuous baking moulds, that are generally required for affordable solutions guaranteed to meet rotation cycle to suit individual needs and ensure minimum the high volume production of accurately customer needs and requirements. disruption to the day-to-day operation of the bakery. shaped baked products. The resulting shapes are constructed into custom designed units Our extensive product range includes: Coatings Product Range enabling them to be used on all types of • Baguette trays Significant investment in the latest release coating technology automated handling and conveying systems. • Barbanded baking trays allows us to supply the best range of coating solutions • Cake tins & moulds developed specifically for the baking industry. • Muffin trays Our close association with DuPont® and SBS®, together with • Pie hoops & tins our company owned Hallmark system enables us to provide a wide and effective range of non-stick coatings that eliminates • Pizza trays the need for oil or grease therefore offering an improved • Racks and trolleys product appearance and a cleaner work environment. • Strapped breadpans We also offer anodising, traditional silicone glaze and rubber coatings. 5
  6. 6. As a leading fluoropolymer processor with over 40 year’s experience, our products and coating services can be found worldwide throughout many markets Fluid Technology We specialise in a full range of fluoropolymer lined pipes, Our standard range of joints, designed to offer PTFE hoses are designed for numerous Materials available include: fittings, expansion joints and hoses to provide protection maximum hoop strength and an excellent applications involving high and low • PTFE against the most aggressive of chemicals and other fluids. pressure/vacuum performance, combined with temperature, corrosive chemicals, high • PFA long life and low maintenance, are available in pressure, steam, food transfer, gases, PTFE Expansion Joints • PP a range of sizes covering up to 800mm hydraulic fluids and sterile material. For over 20 years we have been successfully manufacturing nominal bore, between 2 and 10 convolutions. • Anti-static PTFE and PFA Our hoses are successfully deployed across contour moulded expansion joints of which are used to Hose various industries including power generation, compensate for axial and angular movement, misalignment and aerospace, military and chemical processing. vibration in piping systems. We offer an extensive range of Fluoroline® PTFE hose and hose assemblies in many PTFE Lined Pipe & Fittings configurations including smoothbore, Fluorocarbon's Fluoroline® fluoropolymer lined convoluted, braided, unbraided, heat shielded pipework and accessories are manufactured in & pre-formed. All assemblies can be supplied a wide range of sizes conforming to ANSI and with standard or bespoke end fittings. DIN standards. Our system is designed to handle highly corrosive and hazardous fluids over a wide temperature range, combining the strength of traditional metal pipework with the chemical resistance of fluoropolymer materials. Using our network of international manufacturing partners, distributors and agents we are able to provide a fast and efficient service worldwide. 6
  7. 7. Machined Components Moulded Components Utilising the latest technology, we CNC Sliding Head & Automatics Exploiting our extensive injection and specialise in the precision machining of transfer moulding facilities we convert With over 15 auto bar-fed machines spread fluoropolymer materials into complex the widest range of melt fluoropolymers over 2 areas we offer faster, more precise and components for use throughout many and advanced engineering thermoplastics cost-effective machined parts that brings markets including aerospace, chemical, into precision component parts. In benefits to our customers. medical, pharmaceutical and addition, complex PTFE components are telecommunications. CNC Turning & Milling produced by isostatic and automatic moulding processes. Whether prototype or volume manufacturing, Our extensive experience in turning and our state of the art facilities including milling, milling offers precision machining to tight Our high quality products are supplied for some turning centres, CNC lathes and multi axis tolerance, which results in the highest of the world’s most prestigious projects and Optimised for cost and reliability, our facilities mould complex CNC and sliding head machines enable us to accuracy and quality parts tailored to used across many markets including chemical, shapes in high volume production and/or one-off bespoke parts offer a service tailored to meet specific individual customer requirements. medical, fluid handling and aerospace. for a specific application. Using our unique tooling system we customer requirements. can supply samples and prototypes prior to production. Moulding technologies are enhanced by first class technical support, material advice, Isostatic Moulding product and mould design. Isostatic moulding, originally developed for the manufacture of Injection Moulding ceramics, can provide the solution to enable intricate and contoured shapes to be produced with little or no machining. Fluorocarbon’s range of specially modified, We have the ability to produce high quality, large and complex high temperature, injection moulding machines shapes in PTFE which, to date, has been virtually impossible to manufacture a wide variety of customer produce other than by extensive machining and fabrication. components from thermoplastics and fluoropolymers including PFA, FEP, PCTFE, PEEK, ETFE, ECTFE, PES, PAI and PPS. 7
  8. 8. We offer custom solutions for use throughout many industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, aerospace, automotive and offshore Seals At Fluorocarbon we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of high performance energised PTFE seals, Our full range of seals Fluoroglide® PTFE bearings, metal sealing rings and PTFE lipped rotary shaft seals. Bespoke Designed Seals Metallic Sealing Rings Fluoroglide® Bearings Seals are available with rubber or metallic spring energisers in a wide range of Using our team of engineers Metal O and C rings are used Fluoroglide® PTFE bearing forms and materials to meet almost any we design, develop and as a deformable seal in a strips are used to guide sealing application. specify a range of sealing static sealing situation. pistons and piston rods in and bearing components to hydraulic and pneumatic We offer custom solutions for use throughout Designed for use in the most demanding Rotary Shaft Seals meet the demands of a cylinders to prevent metal-to- many industries including chemical, conditions our seals offer the following benefits: PTFE rotary seals are variety of applications. metal contact. pharmaceutical, food processing, aerospace, • Excellent chemical resistance designed to seal liquid and automotive and offshore, as well as custom Elastomeric Polyurethane Seals • Wide operating temperature range gaseous media in rotating designs for special applications. Energised Seals hardware. A range of polyurethane seals • Very low coefficient of friction Our range of elastomeric has been developed for both • No stick/slip effect Spring Energised Seals energised seals incorporate hydraulic and pneumatic use, • High resistance to wear O rings or square section rings Our range of spring all to fit within the ISO • Good dry running properties in a selection of materials. energised seals incorporate a standard groove dimensions. metallic energiser of either a Whether a standard seal or a custom design ‘V’ or coil section. requirement our dedicated technical team can provide you with innovative and effective solutions to your needs. 8
  9. 9. Semi-finished Products With over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of Melt Fluoropolymers PTFE Sheet & Tape PTFE, melt fluoropolymers and high performance Using our specialised processing equipment As one of the largest UK manufacturers of polymers, our range of semi-finished products is one of and wide tooling range we are able to convert semi-finished virgin and filled PTFE sheet and the most extensive in the world. high performance and melt fluoropolymer tape we ensure each product is tailored to The Fluorinoid® range is available in many variants including in- materials into semi-finished shapes for post meet customer requirements. house blended grades to incorporate fillers such as glass, machining or low to high volumes of Our extensive range includes dimpled, carbon fibre, graphite and bronze as well as unfilled virgin moulded components. moulded, skived and self adhesive available in materials. This, combined with our latest machining and Available in materials including PEEK, PCTFE, a variety of thicknesses. measuring technologies offers a high quality, end-to-end service PFA and FEP our range of products includes that is second to none. Services: A fast turnaround service is available on non- extruded and hot compression moulded rod, stock items and same day dispatch on all heavy tubing, sheet and custom shapes. • Stress relieving service standard stock items. available to enable PTFE Rod & Tube machining to tight Using our in-house services all items can be We specialise in high quality PTFE tolerances supplied chemically etched on one or both compression moulded and extruded rod and • In-house tensile strength sides using the Fluoroetch® etching process tube in a wide range of diameters and lengths and elongation testing (please refer to page 11 for more details of our all suitable for today’s modern machining. Fluoroetch® service). • Precision grinding service to ensure close tolerances for modern machining 9
  10. 10. Our core values of customer focus, high quality and commitment ensure we differentiate from our competitors Fluoroglide® Slide Bearings, Pipe Supports & Skidways The science of managing very heavy load movement Fluoroglide® Slide Bearings Applications: Fluoroglide® Skidways requires special understanding. Utilising our range of & Pipe Supports • Expansion movement in Based on the proven PTFE slide bearing Fluorinoid® load bearing low friction materials we have pipelines, heat exchangers, Fluoroglide slide bearings are superior to ® technology, we design and manufacture gained a global reputation for providing slide bearing concrete decks or pipes conventional expansion plates, rollers and bonded PTFE/metallic Fluoroglide® skidway and skidway solutions to the construction, oil and rocker arms, accommodating expansion, • Cryogenic, vibration plates to suit individual customer gas industries. contraction and other reciprocating motions of and acoustic affects requirements. Based on our 30 years of technical experience we offer a any structure that moves as a result of on pipelines Fluoroglide® skidway plates are used in professional design, manufacturing and onsite consultancy thermal, seismic or differential forces. Such • Steam heated pipelines construction yards around the world to assist service dedicated to resolve slide bearing and skidway needs. bearings operate at high loads and low on North Sea oil in skidding oil jackets, semi-submersible We also supply PTFE plain and dimpled inserts to leading speeds, and it is under these conditions, production modules modules and heavy structures. Jackets, decks manufacturers of pot bearings for road and bridge applications. together with its no stick-slip and anti- • Oil, water & gas and semi-subs with weights up to 30,000 weathering characteristics, that the self- transportation - above tonnes have been successfully loaded out on lubricating properties of Fluorinoid® PTFE are ground pipe mains Fluoroglide® skidway plates. at a maximum. • Large, complex concrete In addition, to aid effectiveness of our We produce Fluoroglide® slide bearings in a buildings - multi-storey car bearings and reduce breakout friction, we also range of configurations using either virgin or parks, civic centres etc provide Fluoroslip® 415 and Fluoroslip® 414 glass filled Fluorinoid® PTFE as the bearing • Pedestrian walkways with PTFE additive. material. Each bearing is designed specifically to suit the application. 10
  11. 11. Valve Seats PU & Rubber Finished Products Services We manufacture a wide range of soft seat configurations across many Our team of engineers can design, develop and specify a range of industries supplying major global customers. Standard valve component elastomeric components to meet the demands of a variety of materials include all grades of PTFE and modified PTFE, all types of applications such as off-shore, construction and off-highway markets. fluoropolymers, high performance plastics and rubber; they are also We supply some of the world’s largest companies with a range of available in standard sizes, with larger sizes and specially developed elastomeric components including: materials being available on request. • Pipe clamps Applications: • Valve seats • Valve seats and seat inserts - seats for all types of valves including ball valves, • Seals butterfly valves, gate valves, chokes and plug valves • Grommets • Valve stem seals, including chevron packing and all types of energised seals • Bellows Etching & Bonding • Complete valves, valve liners and linings • Diaphragms PTFE is well known for being a non-stick material; therefore to enable bonding to • Bump-stops other substrates, surface modification in the form of chemical etching is required. Other custom Using the Fluoroetch® process we offer a full moulded products in-house service of chemical etching and We offer a wide range of bonding of fluoropolymers including PTFE, materials including cast or PFA, ECTFE, PCTFE, FEP and TFM. injection moulded Etching and bonding of free-issue material Polyurethane, NBR, is available. Fluorocarbon, EPDM, and Silicone. 11
  12. 12. Contacts UK & Export Sales & Manufacturing Manufacturing International Hertford Head Office Livingston Office European Sales Office Fluorocarbon Company Ltd Fluorocarbon Company Ltd Fluorocarbon Company Ltd Caxton Hill 6 Rutherford Square Van Doesburg - ERF 50 Hertford Brucefield Industrial Estate 3315 RB Dordrecht Herts Livingston The Netherlands SG13 7NH West Lothian United Kingdom EH54 9BU Tel: +31 78 654 0851 Scotland Fax: +31 78 654 0852 Tel: +44 (0)1992 550731 Fax: +44 (0)1992 584697 Tel: +44 (0)1506 411865 Fax: +44 (0)1506 412720 European Manufacturing Office SC Fluorocarbon SRL Manchester Office Strada Dunarii Nr. 277, Corp C10 Fluorocarbon Company Ltd Nottingham Office Alexandria Northbank Industrial Park FBS Prestige Judetul Teleorman Excalibur Way Unit B Romania Irlam Lilac Grove World leading innovations in Manchester Beeston Tel: +40 247 314245/421075 fluoropolymer processing M44 5DL Nottingham Fax: +40 247 421076 United Kingdom NG9 1PF United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)161 777 6300 USA Sales Office Fax: +44 (0)161 776 2503/7 Tel: +44 (0)115 943 1111 Fluorocarbon Company Ltd Fax: +44 (0)115 943 1177 6000 Fairview Road Suite 1200 Charlotte Sheffield Office NC 28210 FBS Prestige USA Birley Vale Avenue Sheffield Tel: +1 704 552 3612 S12 2AX Fax: +1 704 552 3613 United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)114 253 0353 Fax: +44 (0)114 253 0355 Web: www.fluorocarbon.co.uk Email: info@fluorocarbon.co.uk