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The Partnership Canvas


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This is the Partnership Canvas. It's an add-on tool to the business model canvas for visualising and discussing partnerships and alliances. <-You can find more background on the tool and strategic partnerships on my blog:

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The Partnership Canvas

  1. 1. VALUE OFFERDESIRED VALUE CREATED VALUE TRANSFER ACTIVITY PARTNERSHIP CANVAS AIM OF THE PARTNERSHIP PARTNER WE How will we collaborate to connect and transfer value with our partner? What will be the result of the value transfer between partners? Think of: Joint product/service, new resource, exclusive arrangements, e.g. the type of assets: land, buildings, plant and machinery, Or intangible assets: goodwill, patents, copyrights, knowledge, matching technology protocols, referral management systems, content How does our offer complement or enhance the assets we desire from our partner? What asset do we seek to leverage from a partner? What leverage do we offer our partner? (Whatdoesourpartnervalueinus?)(Whatisourpartnerwillingtoofferus?) VALUE OFFER DESIRED ASSETS CREATED VALUE TRANSFER ACTIVITY VALUEOFFER DESIREDASSETS CREATEDVALUE TRANSFERACTIVITY Bart Doorneweert -