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Ok festival

  1. 1. Peer Comparisons: To promote positive behaviour change OK Festival 17.9.2012
  2. 2. Behaviour change Behavioural scientists claim that: • Domestic energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30% if minor changes are made to our daily lives Changes not related to standard of living or quality of life • Actions such as using: • Low energy light bulbs • Washing clothing at a lower temperature • Turn down heating when on holidays
  3. 3. Motivations Financial incentives: • Effect disappears when incentive is removed • Do not appeal to all sections of society evenly Reward Schemes: • Compared to your previous behaviour • Focus on how much improvement has been made • Unfairly rewards those who have been wasteful in the past • Earth Aid • My Emissions Exchange
  4. 4. Peer Comparisons Comparing consumption is the most effective way to promote positive behaviour: • Allows us to reward / praise those that are behaving efficiently • Encourages / “nudges” those that are not Peer comparison social networking websites already exist: • Carbon Rally • Carbon Diet • Step Green • They encourage the public to declare their carbon footprint and to compete with their friends to actively reduce it
  5. 5. What does a peer comparison scheme look like?
  6. 6. Energy Sculpture © Sitra
  7. 7. Apartment Energy Visualisations © Sitra
  8. 8. © Sitra
  9. 9. Student Acommodation © HOAS
  10. 10. Advice on Energy Bills © OPower
  11. 11. Relating energy to peers Barriers: • Transparent energy consumption • Transparent number of users
  12. 12. Reward schemes Residential building example: • A block of similar 2 bedroom apartments • Incentive scheme to reduce energy • Reward given to the lowest energy consumption over time period
  13. 13. Summary Peer comparisons are the most effective method of promoting positive behaviour change Key transparent data elements are required: • Residential energy consumption • Number of occupants
  14. 14. Ken Dooley Sustainability Group Manager Energy and Environment @sustaingranlund