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Presentation constructing an information panel


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A short presentation showing how to construct an information panel for a technical drawing at City of Glasgow College

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Presentation constructing an information panel

  1. 1. Stonemasonry Department 2013Prepare Templates and MouldsConstructing an Information Panel
  2. 2. What is an Information Panel?The purpose of an information panel on a construction drawing is torelay information to whoever is reading the drawing. The informationpanel will generally include details on the job name and code, thearchitect, the draughtsman, the version and date, the elevation andthe scale
  3. 3. Constructing the Panel: A3Start by setting in 10mm margins on the top, bottom and right handside of the drawing sheet. The left hand side of the sheet has a 20mmmargin. This is to allow the drawing to be opened when folded andplaced in a ring binder
  4. 4. Constructing the Panel: A3Measure 24mm up from the bottom margin and draw a border lineacross the width of the page. Remember to use construction lines at thisstage.24mm
  5. 5. Constructing the Panel: A3Next you should measure 70mm and 140mm from the right margin toconstruct the boxes containing the information panel140mm70mm
  6. 6. Constructing the Panel: A3The panels are completed by marking a series of lines measuring 4mmapart between the border lines.
  7. 7. Inserting InformationThe information is then inserted in BLOCK CAPITAL printing with the topand bottom of each letter touching the lines. This means every lettershould measure 4mm in height.YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED YOUR INFORMATION PANEL. WELL DONENAME:DOUGLAS MORRISONCLASS:STONEMASONRY YEAR 1SCALE:1:1DRAWING NAME:DRAWING 1DRAWING NUMBER:1STYR1ADATE:01/01/2013