Business continuity 2013


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Business continuity 2013

  1. 1. Business Continuity PlanningChris Jones – Doodson Corporate
  2. 2. What Is Continuity Planning?Above is a example of continuity planning on a global scale.This is a concept for the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, designedto be a secure seed bank housing 400,000 seeds for safekeeping in case of emergency.
  3. 3. What Is Continuity Planning?And this is the reality.As of July 2012 the number of samples hasincreased to 750,000.The safe storage of the seeds in Norway, aplace with very little tectonic activity and apermafrost aiding in the preservation is agreat location.The seeds can be usedin case of a majorhorticultural disaster.
  4. 4. What does this have to do with your business? What would your business do in the following instances? •Power Failure •IT Failure •Weather –Damage –Unavailability of resources - Premises •Loss of Key Staff •Payroll Failure •Utility Failure •Fire •H&S failure leading to serious injury, fatality and or prosecution
  5. 5. Extreme Example• Japan 2011 Tsunami • Initial flood damage • Followed up by nuclear power plant failure!
  6. 6. More Realistic Example – Gas Explosion
  7. 7. Norfolk Gas Explosion 2011The explosion resulted in no fatalities orserious injuries, however the industrialestate was left with no •Water •Electricity •GasNO POWER FOR TWO WEEKS!!!
  8. 8. How to Plan 1. Create a Business Impact Analysis • Look at each department • Consider the current risks 2. Identify Business Critical Activities
  9. 9. What is a Business Critical Activity?Depending on your business a business processmay be defined as critical if failure results in;• Significant loss of client service• Significant loss of income/revenue• Contravention of legislation• Significant damage to the company’sreputation
  10. 10. How to Plan Pt. 23. Liaise with staff – They know their departments best and may provide further insight4. Develop a useable Business Continuity Plan5. Implement the plan6. Exercise the plan7. Amend the plan as required
  11. 11. The Effect of The Plan 100% Normal day to day business Capacity Minimum activities to achieve Service survival Unplanned business restoration 0% Time IR BC
  12. 12. In the instance of a major emergency, the BusinessContinuity plan will be an extremely valuable toolto your business.Having an effective plan can also help you toidentify risks before they become a problem.Expert help is available.
  13. 13. Doodson Broking GroupWe have Risk Services expertise in-house and can helpyour business plan for every eventuality.A prepared and planned business can often be offeredreduced premiums on their business insurances such asPublic & Employers Liability.Contact our Risk Services Manager, Chris Jones, for moreinformation.E | cjones@doodsonbg.comT | 0161 419 3000Doodson Broking Group & Doodson Corporate are trading names ofArthur Doodson (Brokers) Ltd. Authorised & Regulated by the FinancialConduct Authority. Registered in England. Number 790401.