Welcome to natural escape of your life in dooars


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Away from the metropolitan insanity, Dooars in West Bengal promises to be more like an expedition where one can see, feel and know the unknown. To get more information Knock us... contact@dooarsecoviillege.com, Phone- CL... +91-983-069-4705 / +91-900-700-8366 / +91-974-889-7048

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Welcome to natural escape of your life in dooars

  1. 1. Contact Details: +91-900-700-8366 / +91-983-069-4705 / +91-974-889-7048 Email: contact@dooarsecoviillege.com Web: http://www.dooarsecoviillege.com Welcome To Natural Escape of Your Life in Dooars! http://www.dooarsecoviillege.com is a leading Travel Agent, based in North Bengal, Dooars and we offer many types of tour packages. If you want to get an adventures tour then contact with us. Away from the metropolitan insanity, Dooars in West Bengal promises to be more like an expedition where one can see, feel and know the unknown. Once known for having unspoiled jungles and varied wild life flora and fauna, Dooars is now transformed into a beautiful gem in the country. Dooars Tourism has developed over a large period of time, which has contributed to huge outpour in the number of adventurers, travelers and vacationers coming here. No matter whether you are looking for a beautiful cottage for a rejuvenating break or want to spend an adventure filled vacation, Dooars Travel plans from our company promises to serve the best.
  2. 2. The best part of Dooars is the unique blend of nature and people, where you can find the lands settled in the nature with welcoming tribal people. With gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, Dooars makes way for some of the captivating vacation spots and location. Here, apart from the great location and refreshing tropical rains of the jungles, you will love the stunning ambience that promises a lot to be explored and ventured. For those new to the facts about dense jungles of Dooars, it is pertinent to mention that these lands give ways to the stunning Bhutan and the evergreen northeastern states of the country. Welcome to our exclusive range of stunning resorts from Dooars Eco Village! Planning your vacation in the mesmerizing and mystic jungle of Dooars has always been a pleasure. We have some of the best resorts, hotels and cottages in business and have taken the sole responsibility of maintaining them just for our esteemed clients. Right from Buxa Tiger
  3. 3. Reserve, Chapramari Sanctuary, and Gorumara National Park to Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary and South Khairbari Tiger Rescue Centre, we have the most luxurious and well maintained choices. We arrange for the best known Jungle Tours in Dooars most classic regions, and have an array of resorts that are nestled in the magnificent parts of the Dooars Valley. Depending on the travel plans, requirements and essential budget of our customers, we offer them a customized Dooars Tour Package with a promise of perfect hospitality on arrival. We have taken special attention for safety and security of our guests in the dense jungles and have a team of very cordial staffs who understand the beauty and stunning locations perfectly. Our people and managers in the resorts can arrange for your vacations as per your needs, and even after the tough terrains and weather, we try our best to plan better entertainment options on your vacation.
  4. 4. We would love you to assist more on our Dooars Resorts and cottages and request you to get in touch with us. The monsoons and winters are quite unique in Dooars, and we are much dependent on the weather. It remains our pleasure to help you enjoy the most in our Dooars package, and for that, we are constantly bettering and offering matchless services with unbeatable rates.
  5. 5. *** Greenchilli offers Special Packages During X-Mas and New Year 2014 *** Packages details check this… http://dooarsecoviillege.blogspot.com/2012/09/enjoy-your-dreamvacation-with.html You can watch video also. Please check this… http://www.youtube.com/dooarsecoviillege NOVEMBER-DECEMBER BOOKING IS GOING ON Booking place: Kolkata Our Contact Details: CL TO... +91-900-700-8366 / +91-983-069-4705 / +91-974-889-7048 You can contact us through our websites also Check Out Now………….. http://www.dooarsecoviillege.com/contact http://www.dooarsecoviillege.com/packagetours http://www.himalayanmonsoon.com/ You can also email us with all your requirements, our E-mail ID is .. contact@dooarsecoviillege.com All Service will provide by Dooarsecoviillege under "Greenchilli".