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  • This presentation is called 800 Charity Cars ~ the impact of mobile and tablet design. We will be discussing how this newest form of media affects your business.
  • In the beginning is just something I like to say to express how aged or worn out the website has become based on the quick advancements of everyday technology. Don’t worry, your site is not the only one that is suffering from Neanderthal methodology and site design strategies. There are many like this and that is what keeps me in business. Anyway, over time, and not a long period of time either, websites seem to fall by the wayside as it pertains to advancements in website technology.
  • It’s not hard to go from a thriving website eating up all of the competition to an extinct species in very little time.
  • So, just like anything, at some point a company has to face the fact that what you thought ot be modern day technology is now ancient history.
  • If you want your business to survive in today’s market, you have to be willing to adapt to rapid changes in your business environment. It is critical not only for your success but also for your survival.
  • And along comes our hero’s, here to save the day and bring our dying plant back to life with a shot of steroid laced plant food to help us grow past the competition and put them in the shade.
  • Read em and weep. Here are some statistics that prove that the next generation of website growing power exists in the mobile market. As you can see, the big statistic here is the fact that over 91 million people are your potential customers due to the fact that they use a smart phone.
  • With that, 84% of them use their phone for internet browsing. So ask yourself, how many of the 84% are searching for my business?
  • So who are these people? Well, they are everyone! Look around you. You probably can’t throw a rock into a crowd anymore and actually hit someone who doesn’t have a smartphone. Also, what I see is this. Men are typically known to be impulse buyers. This graphic shows the 53% of smartphone users are men, or like I like to call them, potential customers.
  • So what type of system are they using to get on the net? Well here is a breakdown of what your potential clients look like.
  • It’s not hard to see the potential of growth in this market of mobile devices. Projections out to 2015 show mobile devices at almost 1.2 billion units in use. The beauty of that is, they are all potential customers.
  • Well, it’s decision time. You can stick with the status quo and eventually fade into the sunset or you can jump in and buckle up for an exhilarating ride. Thank you.
  • Zelichowski don mobile_presentation

    1. 1. 800 Charity CarsThe Impact of Mobile and Tablet Design
    2. 2. In the Beginning……
    3. 3. In the Beginning……
    4. 4. Out With The Old….
    5. 5. In With The New!
    6. 6. Here Comes Our Hero
    7. 7. Why Do We Need This?
    8. 8. Why Do We Need This?
    9. 9. Who Are These People?
    10. 10. Who Are These People?
    11. 11. Reading Your Future
    12. 12. Decision Time
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