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The Four Basic Building Blocks of Legacy


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The Four Basic Building Blocks of Legacy serve as simple tools to take charge of your multi-generational impact, success and prosperity. What is your 10-year plan? What is your 100-year plan?

Are you living your legacy? Use the LegacyPyramid to Live Your Legacy in 22 simple steps.

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The Four Basic Building Blocks of Legacy

  1. 1. The American Institute of Legacy & Estate Planning The Four Basic Building Blocks of Legacy Empowering Your Next Generation thru Choice & Action How will You Craft Your Family’s Multi-Generational Plan for Success and Prosperity? Your Chosen Primary Life Purpose Definitive Chief Aim When combined in 3D Personal Mission The 4BB form a Tetrahedro Selected Thoughts to Guide Daily Actions Statement Collection of the Values & Beliefs that Guide Your Daily Decisions Strategic Life Plan Roadmap to Actions Planning to Live Generatively & Provide for the Next Generation Personal Legacy Statement Your gift to future generations; Connection to the Future gems to valuable to be lost.#LegacyPyramid #DonWestJr #4BBofLegacy