Your Digital Dossier


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Do you know what's in your digital dossier? How can you protect your online image? This presentation was given at FlipFlop PD 2012, East Baton Rouge Schools

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Your Digital Dossier

  1. 1. What’s in Your Digital Dossier? FlipFlop PD June 12, 2012 Stephanie Dixon, EBRPSS
  2. 2. Stephanie Twitter:
  3. 3. Agenda What is a digital footprint? Discovering your digital trail Cleaning Up Your Digital Trail Sites for Privacy Audit Student Activities and Resources Q&A
  4. 4. What’s a DigitalDossier?Digital + Dossier Online/Web Collection of sources or records containing detailed information about a particular person or subject
  5. 5. Digital FootprintOn the Internet, a digital footprint is the wordused to describe the trail, traces or "footprints"that people leave online. This is informationtransmitted online, such as forum registration, e-mails and attachments, uploading videos ordigital images and any other form of transmissionof information — all of which leaves traces ofpersonal information about yourself available toothers online.
  6. 6. Video“Digital Dossier”
  7. 7. Your Digital Footprint Comments Profiles Content you Websites publish Photos videosKeystrokesPurchases Data you Content CommentSearches leave others sClicks about publish PhotosLikes yourself about you VideosFriend-ingFollowingDownloads
  8. 8. Ambient Content (DigitalShadow) surveillance camera images bank records retail and airline purchase records telephone records medical database entries copies of hospital scans web searches information about credit card purchases
  9. 9. Web Activity: Your DigitalFootprintDon’t think you are tracked digitally because you are not online frequently? Think again… active/interactive.html
  10. 10. Activity: Create a Map of Your Digital Trail Social networkin g Online Shoppin Accounts My g Digital Map What does Online Communitie your web spresence say about you?
  11. 11. Google Yourself
  12. 12. What did you find? Set a Google Alert
  13. 13. Why are digital footprintsimportant?
  14. 14.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Cleaning up Your DigitalIdentity Keep track of Internet sites and profiles you have created Remove profiles you no longer use Use Google Dashboard to manage your information on Google sites that you use Erase offensive tweets Conduct a privacy audit/background check InPrivate Filtering- vista/InPrivate-frequently-asked-questions
  17. 17. Sites for Privacy Audits Google Alert Way Back Machine Spezify Keep in mind that there are fees applied to detailed records and background checks
  18. 18. Build a Positive OnlinePresence Produce positive content:  Wikis  Online Portfolios  Twitter  FaceBook  Google Docs  Blogs  LinkedIn Create a good digital branding- personally and professionally
  19. 19. Will Richardson Speaker Presenter Blogger Writer
  20. 20. Digital Branding Twitter Blog Ning You Wiki LinkedIn
  21. 21. Your Online Presence… GettingStarted Email Subscribe to blogs Comment on blogs Create your own blog Contribute information in an online community Create a professional Twitter account
  22. 22. Sample Student Activities and Resources
  23. 23. Activity: Creating an OnlinePortfolio --creating-one.html
  24. 24. Activity: Way Back Machine wCEskkJ7UQ02we07of2gI_EHpDCSG0JlzPl01C 54R4/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1
  25. 25. Activity: Trillion DollarFootprint mon_sense_media/Privacy_and_Digital_Footprint s_Unit/Trillion_Dollar_Footprint/TDF_LessonPlan. pdf
  26. 26. Activity: Your Online Image essons/9-12/your_online_image/
  27. 27. Activity: What’s Private? essons/2-3/whats_private/
  28. 28. Curriculum Resources CyberSmart - Common Sense Media- rriculum
  29. 29. Wrap UpQ&A
  30. 30. Video Resources afe/Project-Pro/Project%20PRO- reputations-online
  31. 31. Web Resources calculates_your_digital_footprint.php our_digital_tracks_on_the_web.html _privacypolicy_loopholes.html at_find_people_and_their_sensitive_information.h tml
  32. 32. Web Resources afe/Project-Pro/Digital%20Reputation- Privacy%20and%20Reputation%20Online%20Re sourcse%20for%20Educators.pdf computer/erase-your-digital-path/ al-legacy-lesson-plans/
  33. 33. Web Resources cy media_revolution_refresh_updates_stats_2010_4 1721
  34. 34. Thank You!