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How to help your online presence for your Center or Institute


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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How to help your online presence for your Center or Institute

  1. 1. Institutes / CentersCommunication Tactics &Social Media
  2. 2. Communication Plan • Goals – What does success look like? • Target Audience – Who do you want to communicate with? • Message – What do you want them to know and do? • Tactics – Where do they get their info? How can you be there? • Measurement – Is it working? Should we communicate this way more or less?
  3. 3. Tactics • Word of Mouth – Face to Face – still the most effective communications • Website / Blog – Central Hub to your digital presence • Brochure – Hand outs via events and direct mail • Email Newsletter – Keeping audience up to date on what you are doing • Public Relations – News stories to keep the public informed • Search Marketing – If you can’t be found via the search engines, you don’t exist to most people. • Social Media – Online word of mouth communications and instant feedback
  4. 4. Website example Links to Twitter Links to Facebook Page Sign up for email
  5. 5. Blog
  6. 6. Facebook
  7. 7. TwitterTalking withothers
  8. 8. Digital Presence BJ Fogg owns his digital presence online. All his websites, social media platforms, youtube, etc…
  9. 9. Tips and Tricks • Websites should have a CMS – you shouldn’t have to fight the technology to write online. • Twitter can feed a lot of other things like Facebook – it’s easy to connect the two so you are writing only in one place. • Blogs at the university are free – • Email newsletters can be free as well if you use
  10. 10. Communication Documents • Things you can use to help you organize what you are doing. – Communication Strategy Document – Communication Inventory and Rollout Document – If you want communication help, you can contact Don Schindler,