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Maximizing on the benefits of linken in


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Maximizing on the benefits of linken in

  1. 1. Maximizing on the benefits of LinkenIn
  2. 2. What is LinkedIn? • Linked is a social networking platform that focuses on the professional aspect of your background. • On its website, it is described as the “world's largest professional network with millions of members and rapidly growing”
  3. 3. What is LinkedIn? The same states that LinkedIn can help you: • Establish your professional profile and control one of the top search results for your name. • Build and maintain a broader network of professionals you can trust. • Find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates. • Learn about other companies. • Leverage powerful tools to find and reach the people you need. • Tap into the knowledge of your network. • Discover new opportunities.
  4. 4. What others have to say about LinkedIn: • LinkedIn helps you to cheaply establish a professional profile online. If you do a Google search of your name, for example, you are likely to find your LinkedIn public profile online. • LinkedIn enables professional networking; you can join groups of people with similar interest. In fact, LinkedIn often recommend groups for you to join based on your professional profile.
  5. 5. • LinkedIn helps you to find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates. When you log on LinkedIn often prompt you about people who you might know based on the school you attended among other things. You can also search for others who attended your school in your school year to find former classmates. What others have to say about LinkedIn:
  6. 6. • LinkedIn helps you keep current with what is happening in the lives of your connections. When one of your connections gets a promotion at work or upgrade information on their profile, LinkedIn informs you about the changes. This gives you the opportunity to send the person a note of congratulation or other relevant comments. What others have to say about LinkedIn:
  7. 7. • LinkedIn helps your job search as a recruiter or prospective employee. LinkedIn often prompts you about jobs that you may be interested in. As a member of a group you often receive emails notifications of job postings in the group. Recruiters also have access to relevant professional profiles when they join a group. Recruiters may even track discussions to see who has the expertise that they might be interested in. Recruiters can also do searches for the type of person that they are looking for. What others have to say about LinkedIn:
  8. 8. • LinkedIn helps you to tap into the knowledge of your network. Often time persons will seek advice from connections directly or use discussion boards in groups to gather information and solutions to issues that they may have at work. One of the persons who I interviewed said that in one of his discussion he provided a solution to a problem that a doctoral student was trying to figure out. He said he was not aware that the person was a doctoral student until the person emailed him to say thanks for the solution (He said that he doubt that will be credited on the thesis). What others have to say about LinkedIn:
  9. 9. Caution on the use of LinkedIn • The persons interviewed did note some things that one should be conscious of while using LinkedIn. Some are:
  10. 10. • Like with Facebook and other social networks, LinkedIn provides a window into your life that prospective employers have access to. Hence the information on LinkedIn must be consistent with the image that you want to portray to potential employers. One of the persons interviewed related an instance in which he applied for a job via email and while still using his computer he got a call from the recruiter who did a quick screening interview. No more than 5 minutes after the phone interview he got a LinkedIn invitation via email from the person that he just sent the resume to. When he logged into LinkedIn he was notified that this person had just checked his profile. Caution on the use of LinkedIn
  11. 11. • Do not automatically accept every invitation that you get. Some potential employer may believe that you and your connections know each other well and may seek information about you from one of these persons who hardly knows you, if at all. Further, if you know that a person is of questionable character you should not connect to them. • Not all LinkedIn features are free. The basic access for LinkedIn is free but some useful features like two messaging to persons outside your network are not free. So it is best to provide an email contact in your profile if you want others to be able to reach you. Caution on the use of LinkedIn
  12. 12. • Having gotten all this information about LinkedIn I got so excited I wanted to try it for myself. After all it is entirely free (well almost) and provides a lot of benefits. • I tried to sign up and was told that I already had an account; then I remembered that some years ago I had created an account on the advice of a friend but had not gone back to look at it since. So as most of us would do, I guessed the password based on my usual codes and the sign in screen disappeared. My Own Experience
  13. 13. • The first page was unbelievable. I was amazed to see names in the section “People you may know” of people who I actually know. How did LinkedIn know that?! • I also saw “Ads that I might be interested in” with relevant advertisements. I saw how many persons viewed my profile in the last 30 days and how many times that I have turned up in searches in the same time period. Simply amazing stuff! My Own Experience
  14. 14. My Own Experience • I browsed some more by clicking on the other menu tabs, looking at my profile (well this need some work) and browsing some of the jobs I might be interested in. Then I wanted to sign out this session and this is where it got tricky. I could not find a sign out button. After moving the mouse around on the screen I discovered the little icon that drops down a menu with the option to sign out. That was a bit frustrating.
  15. 15. My Own Experience • Since then I have signed in to LinkedIn a few more times and is now fairly familiar with navigating the site. Full time work, studies and family life have prevented me from spending more time on the web site; but now that I know the benefits and how to use the site; I will be employing it to its fullest extent when I start looking for a new job. Also it is clear that joining groups has additional benefits of being a free resource for consultation and sharing of information. I will definitely be taking advantage of this.