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Proper Treatment of Ingrown Toenail - Dr. Donald Pelto


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Here is an explanation of how to treat ingrown toenails. This is not to replace medical care. To learn more please visit

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Proper Treatment of Ingrown Toenail - Dr. Donald Pelto

  1. 1. Proper Treatment of Ingrown Toenails 1 32 4 5 6
  2. 2. Caution: This does not replace medical evaluation and is for educational purposes only
  3. 3. How Not To Treat An Ingrown Nail! Diabetes? Poor Blood Flow?
  4. 4. Nail Anatomy
  5. 5. Instruments ● Tourniquet ● Spatula/Packer ● English Anvil ● #81 Blade ● Hemostat ● Small Tissue Nippers ● Cotton Tipped Applicator ● Gauze ● Triple Antibiotic ● Phenol ● Alcohol ● Wound Wash
  6. 6. Treatment Pearls
  7. 7. Anesthesia? How much nail to remove? Antibiotic? Remove skin around nail? #1 Yes Partial No Yes #2 Yes/No Partial No No #3 Yes Partial/Total Yes Yes #4 Yes/No Partial No No #5 Yes Partial No Yes #6 Yes Total Yes Yes/No
  8. 8. Phenol Treatment - Matrixectomy
  9. 9. Was this helpful? If you found this helpful and would like to learn more please visit to get free access to Foot Pain Toolkit and Diabetes Toolkit.