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Nail injuries


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Here was a presentation I gave on toenail trauma with the slides involved. It was requested by a Worcester Emergency Resident. I hope you find it helpful. To watch video it is below the pictures.

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Nail injuries

  1. 1. Toenail Injuries & Treatment
  2. 2. Parts of the toenail
  3. 3. Will the nail grow back after an injury?
  4. 4. What causes thickening of the toenail after an injury?
  5. 5. What causes nail lifting? Phenolization
  6. 6. What to do with a blood blister under the nail?
  7. 7. What to do if the if the nail bed is damaged? Do you need an X-ray? ● Is the nail is attached? ● Is bone broken?
  8. 8. What if the nail matrix is damaged? Sterile and Germinal Matrix
  9. 9. When should a nail be removed?
  10. 10. If you found this helpful... Learn more at and download one of these two resources ● Foot pain toolkit ● Diabetes toolkit