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Michael Riley


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Michael Riley Presentation

Published in: Design, Education
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Michael Riley

  1. 1. MICHAEL RILEY BIOGRAPHYMichael Riley has been directing and designing film and television titlesequences, theatrical trailers, television commercials since 1991. Riley graduatedfrom the Rhode Island School of Design, and began his career as an intern underTibor Kalman at M&Company in New York. Riley was nominated three times foran Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design for Standoff, Band of Brothers andTemple Grandin. He was awarded a Gold Medal and a Silver Medal from theD&AD(The British Design and Art Director’s Association).
  2. 2. SHINEMichael Riley then made his own studio called shine. Founded in late 2005 by creative director Michael Riley and producer Bob Swenson. Shines mission: “to fuse striking conceptual thinking with the cutting edge crafts of full-motion electronic media in an effort to distinguish brands, personalities, stories and experience.”
  3. 3. MICHAEL RILEY’S TITLESGattaca -1997Along Came A Spider - 2001Kung Fu Panda - 2008Mad Money - 2008Taking Chance – 2009The Back-up Plan - 2010
  4. 4. KUNG FU PANDA LinkThe title sequence is very relaxed and bright colours which suggests that it is a kids film and is going to be comical and very light hearted. The title sequence is very basic and there is not much movement going on. The title gives away the setting because when the writing appears on the screen, there is also Chinese writing above it, which gives away the film is set in China.The typography used is very unusual and all the writing is all in capitals and in big writing so it is clear for children to see and read. The typography has a Chinese effect to it which adds to the theme of china.
  5. 5. MAD MONEY LinMichael Riley had made the title sequence for mad money ink2008. It is a well made title sequence and relates to the title of the film. The whole sequence is made up of American dollar bills, which gives us were the setting is. In the titles, the bills that occur most are $100, which suggests that it involves large sums of money within the film.The typography is very basic within the title sequence and it seems to be the same font as on the American money. This makes it easier to read for the viewer and to continue with the prolonging theme of money. The names are as if they have been printed on the bills and are not being faded in or distorted, which makes you focus on the money more as the audience will know it is the significant object in the title. Some of the typography is in a signature style which could suggest that its a high standard film. The titles are crisp and clean money, which suggests that it will be film about people from a wealthy background and not about people in the ghetto in America.