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Prepping for the Travelings


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A learning night talk by Owen Wang on what to pack and prepare before going on a backpacking trip

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Prepping for the Travelings

  1. 1. Prepping For The Travelings For all y’all yolo-ists and upcoming grad-trippers
  2. 2. Inventory: Bag 30-35L backpack: - good size for week worth of inventory - safe for carry-on (too big may have to check in aka $$ and time) - 45L advertised as safe for carry-on but can have issues when overpacked
  3. 3. Inventory: Body Wallet Store emergency cash and important documents. If someone steals your bag you at least have these Minimize usage - should be hidden when possible
  4. 4. Inventory: Clothes - Layer up to minimize bulk of clothes - Roll to pack tighter and group into outfits
  5. 5. Inventory: Miscellaneous - Waterproof jacket - NOT water resistant - Small lock - NOT combination - Print-outs / online copies of ID - Microfiber towel - compact and quick dry - Country dependent: Toilet paper, power adapter, sunblock, bug spray - Plastic bags
  6. 6. Inventory: Money Bank withdrawal, money exchange, or credit? - Best option: Get a credit card with no foreign transaction fees - Bank withdrawal and credit card should have roughly same fees. Money exchange depending on country is a bit better or much worse (usually airport rate way worse than city center) - Keep $100-200 in emergency stash for money exchange
  7. 7. Inventory: Phone How to phone? - If your phone is unlocked, can get pay as you go SIM cards, easily purchasable at a convenience store - Most places have cheap plans that include data and calling
  8. 8. Addendum (for girls) - Polyester underwear (quick dry) - Sports bra (quick dry) - Lush’s solid shampoo - Lush’s solid perfume - Hide MONEY in pads! - Clear plastic ziplock bags - DO NOT: wax strips
  9. 9. Apps - offline maps for when data-less - GPS shows where you are / which direction you’re facing - save pins for points of interest - completely free!!
  10. 10. Apps <Some phrasebook app>: - Varies depending on country you are going to - Helpful for communicating basics with locals - Learning simple phrases great for upping cultured-ness
  11. 11. Apps TripIt: - email tickets to app, automagically itinerarifies - easy management of plans For more app suggestions:
  12. 12. Apps Google Photos: - quick backups of photos on the go, in case your technology breaks - unlimited storage space option - makes nice mini-videos and collages for you!!!
  13. 13. Mindset - Lower expectations - things may not be what you’ve seen on the interwebs / in movies - Try not to compare where you are to where you’ ve been. Every place is unique in its own way - Relax, take it slow, leave wiggle room / room for spontaneity
  14. 14. Mindset Most importantly: Bad things may happen. Don’t let it get you down. As long as you have your passport, you’ re still good to go!! You’re on an adventure, try to make the most of it!
  15. 15. Have fun! Enjoy yourself!!!!!! 1one For more info and tips, reach: