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Buying Used Cars - a primer to not get screwed


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A presentation at Learning Night by Xuehai Fang on buying used cars

Published in: Automotive
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Buying Used Cars - a primer to not get screwed

  1. 1. BUYING USED CARS a primer to not get screwed
  2. 2. #ONE: Know what you want :D
  3. 3. WEB RESOURCES • Americans: • • kelley blue book • Canadians: • •
  4. 4. RELIABILITY • JD PowerVehicle Dependability Rating •
  6. 6. INSPECT • Exterior for scratches on metal surfaces (not front or rear bumper) • Area under engine for oil leaks • Front and Rear spring sag • Rusted parts • Interior fabric tears • TireTread • Wheel Size
  7. 7. GO FORTEST-DRIVE Step Action Reason 1 Inspect underneath vehicle before turning on Looks for leaking liquids while parked 2 Turn car on and do walk around Look for funny noises, exhaust leaks, make note of engine sound on cold start 3 Don’t wait too long and start driving Start driving before the car is warmed up, make note of the performance of the car, see if engine knocks 4 Don’t be afraid to be aggressive The engine shouldn’t break of behave oddly unless the car is very old >10years, 100k miles. Find out if it will break during the test drive!
  8. 8. TEST DRIVE PART II Step Action Reason 5 Drive calmly and look for steering wheel wobble If steering wheel wobbles, either wheels need to be re-aligned, balanced or you 6 Play with all electronics Use every feature your paying for, know every one thats broken 7 Park above a clean patch of asphalt Inspect for leaks on the road with the car still on 8 Use locks, trunk etc Make sure body functions work
  9. 9. HAGGLE • Check out online blue book or black book prices • Start with what price you think is right and ignore the sticker • Prepare to actually walk away, there will be another candidate. Unless you live in a small town, then GG.
  10. 10. KEY MINDERS • The latest is NOT the greatest (turbos, engines, 4wd, electronic anything). But the 2nd gen is. • Cleaning: White(very easy), Black(very hard) • Wheel and tire size.
  11. 11. TIRE SIZES $96.22 $200.50 $545.82 205/55R16 225/50R17 245/40R21 (width mm)/(aspect ratio)R(inner diameter “)
  12. 12. ACCOUNTING • Insurance in your state • Vehicle registration in your state • Import taxes • California emissions standards for new vehicles (<7500miles)