How To Create Wind Turbines For Home Use


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Learn how to create wind turbines for your home that will help you save money on your utility bills

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How To Create Wind Turbines For Home Use

  1. 1. How to Create Wind Turbines for Home Use By Mike Desal from Utilizing wind energy is an attractive alternative to traditional energy for many homeowners today. A wind turbine can be used to generate a great deal of energy depending on a few different variables. The height you are able to reach with a suitable tower for a wind turbine is probably the most crucial to the amount of power it will generate. The general rule of thumb is to have the turbine at least 30 feet above anything within 500 feet of the tower to ensure the least turbulent wind. Wind becomes more turbulent the more objects it travels around, across, or into. There are many towers that are used with wind turbines and are typically relative to the amount of space you have and the budget available to the project. Guyed lattice towers are the least expensive, and are easy to construct, but require a great deal of space to accommodate the down guy cables that attach to them at three different points to provide their stability. A guyed lattice tower is usually constructed of steel angle iron and consists of three sides, which are shored up using cross sections that provide a ladder effect from top to bottom. A tilt-up tower is constructed using metal tubing, is typically stabilized using 4 down guy cables and functions just as its name suggests. The tilt-up feature of these towers is more convenient for maintenance purposes but a bit more expensive then the previous tower above. The four-guyed cables are used to safely tilt the tower up from or down to the ground without the need for the tower to be climbed. Monopoles are the most expensive towers used for wind turbines and usually seen on large wind farms, they consist of a single structured tube, which tapers in from the ground up. Monopoles are the most aesthetically pleasing option for wind turbines but require the most amounts of steel, concrete and funds. A small wind turbine for home use can be purchased or constructed. The cost of a pre-made wind turbine can be a substantial investment and it is recommended to spend a period of time taking wind measurements using an anemometer before deciding to buy. However, if you wish to construct your own wind turbine the cost can be reduced to only a few hundred dollars. A wind turbine is a device which converts wind energy to electricity using a low-RPM generator,
  2. 2. therefore the most important aspect of constructing your own hinges on finding a suitable generator which is capable of producing 30 volts at 300-350 RPMs or better. The potential savings with wind turbines for home use can be particularly substantial. With optimal conditions homeowners could see an 80% to 90% decrease in energy costs, but this is dependent upon consistent wind on the property. Utilizing a wind turbine is a green option that many homeowners can greatly benefit from making it an attractive decision not only for energy conservation, but also for substantial potential savings on energy costs.