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Should we have tvSTUDIO at Detikcom?


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I used this presentation couple months ago on our internal meeting. At that time, I had to convince the board about how importance to have a TV Studio (the mini one), even though we are working on Indonesian online media industry (

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Should we have tvSTUDIO at Detikcom?

  1. 1. Why should we have  y tvSTUDIO at ? by: Donny B.U. Portal Publishing Manager
  2. 2. Because, detikcom has vision    as the online media  & e‐community  leader center
  3. 3. Because, while “the song” might  be the same the way it  delivered is important!
  4. 4. Because, web 2.0 is coming to town… b20 people like     people like &to share!
  5. 5. detikstudio is  expensive and useless *  * if we fail to aim the right mission
  6. 6. We should aim our  m‐i‐s‐s‐i‐o‐n carefully! community building content enrichment  t t business  business opportunity
  7. 7. Community Building “don’t let the sofa empty” “don’t let the sofa empt ” community video interview “3 Minutes @ detikcom” the more communities we serve, the more traffics we get…
  8. 8. Content Enrichment product  product review i and unboxing rituall it “lights, camera, action!” citizen anchors ii
  9. 9. Business Opportunity production house premium (sponsored) (sponsored)  product review Newsclips Ne sclips sponsor package
  10. 10. tvSTUDIO at get traffics get revenues re en es